Blue Monday? Really?

Blue Monday? Really?

So what’s all this about Blue Monday?

According to Wikipedia Blue Monday is the name given to a day in January.

(Typically the third Monday of the month). 

This year 17th January – (oh joy!) reported to be the most depressing day of the year.

However it can also be related to any Monday in January according to the sources.

So is it true?

No I very much doubt it – I’m not sure depression / mood works like that?


Factors contributing towards blue Monday?

They say that contributing factors are post christmas blues, horrid weather, dark mornings and evenings, credit card bills, broken new years resolutions.

You name it – it’s in there (tight trousers?).

Granted I too am getting mighty peeved off with the dark mornings. I have to put the light on to get dressed.


Dark Mornings

For me this is the worst part – these dark mornings.

I’m used to coming home in the dark but rain pelting against the window at what feels like the middle of the night is not that pleasant! And now possibly snow?

But we must get over it – we should maybe use this time to focus on ourselves.

Now the mayhem of Christmas is out the way I’m guessing we have more time for ourselves.

I seem to have more time (shock horror) and as you can probably tell I’ve been busier on the blog and I love that.  I’m not baking at the moment ๐Ÿ™ miss it! – no cakes in my house (unless I’m baking with the kids)   ๐Ÿ™  

And  are you doing #Dryathalon – talk about do it all at once – I’m not but I know a lot are.

Really trying with #HEALTHYEPLS and it seems to be working.

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves – maybe we just shouldn’t

Maybe we should just ‘be’


Feeling Better

I am starting to feel better and I’m out walking at any opportunity (difficult when it’s peeing it down) or even “mummy dancing” in the kitchen. I think I’m fab – but apparently not :-).  

So instead of baking I am focusing on developing some nice #Healthy dishes. Have you tried any yet? Please do and let me know how you get on….

I think we all need to try and do something positive in January – like read that book you’ve been putting off reading, clean out your wardrobe (that’s one for me)

Go have coffee with someone nice – just use the winter as the reason to do the things we never have time to do when the sun’s shining.

Seriously Depression & Anxiety really is  a bitch,  I’m sure most of us all know that and it’s no joke! – it is an illness and not JUST a down feeling (this infuriates me). And totally unrelated to Blue Monday! 

We need to take care of ourselves and those around us.  

We must not watch people spiralling downwards – we need to be aware.


Turn it on it’s head – Blue Monday? 

My plan is to turn this January on its  head and make it a very positive month.  

I am trying to lose some pounds, up my walking (if you have a Fitbit and fancy a challenge just let me know – it has a cool challenge bit and a little competition never hurt anyone. We are all winners in the end).  

Clean some cupboards out, see some friends and relax and rest before the summer madness starts. 

On Monday 17th  January (so called Blue Monday) I will strive to be upbeat.

I’m trying to do a good deed for someone randomly (not sure what yet).

Or I may even spend the evening on the phone calling a friend I haven’t spoken to for a long time….

Maybe watch that film I haven’t had time to watch.

Or spend the evening with a new beau? Maybe ;-).

This January so far I have seen more of my friends and we share a dinner  & drinks together in the week. I do love to sit round a table eating, drinking and chatting!

What will you do to make January a bit easier?

Please share your comments below – I love to get messages it brightens up my Blue Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰

And on a Blue Monday maybe dream of holidays?



Take Care, Big Love Clare x



  1. Couldn’t agree more on the challenge side of things!! Was given a fit bit for Christmas and it’s been the best thing ever to get through January so far and motivate me get off my bum instead of hibernating away and mopping about on a rainy or cold day!!

  2. Love you so much xxxx

  3. Feeling fed up with not being able to golf. Had my birthday on Saturday and had meal at club with friends, so feeling happier.

    1. It’s tough this time of year isn’t it! We need to do whatever it takes to make ourselves a little happier xxx P.S Happy Birthday

  4. Thank goodness I’ve arranged to meet up with friends on Monday. That will lift my spirits!

  5. It’s definitely a tough time of year-I find booking a holiday helps-funds permitting!! #brilliantblogposts

  6. Really empowering post. I’ve got a little quote for Red going up on their site and my social on Monday. I think reflecting on what makes you happy and trying to support others through a kind act is vital. You are a such a good person, hope you know that. Feel really lucky to have connected with you thanks to twitter and blogging x

    1. Thanks Vicki – that’s lovely and I am the lucky one – you are such an inspiration Cx We should meet one day soon – i’m always in London and Leeds as I hail form Yorkshire X

  7. I’m not feeling blue this Monday , I’m spoiling myself at Ragdale . No work at the moment in limbo with that for couple months . But did enjoy working with the girls at m&s what a lovely bunch . How about a cuppa when your next up ??????

    1. How lovely – wish I was there – yes to cuppa Cx

  8. No reason to feel blue, January is my birthday month so definitely not dry! If you feel blue read Ferne Cottons book ‘Happy’ I read it over Xmas it will cheer you up permanently x x x

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