Who wants a New Easypeasylemonsqueezy Bag? #Giveaway

Who wants a New Easypeasylemonsqueezy Bag? #Giveaway

Hi lovely people -Who wants a New Easypeasylemonsqueezy Bag? #Giveaway

You have probably seen I have had some really lovely bags printed with my logo on! I love them – I love grey and yellow together and they are so much more stylish that those supermarket ones!!  And it says Easypeasylemonsqueezy on it – what more could you want 🙂


So I have loads and they are just £4 each (with an extra £1 I trust you to drop in the Marie Curie Tin next time you walk past)

I have decided to give 25 away – all you need to do is comment under this post – telling me what your fave recipe is on easypeasylemonsqueezy the blog! Ta-Dah-  That’s it.

Next Thursday 13th April 2017 @ 12.00 noon I will randomly choose 25 peeps to win one!

UK Comp only I’m afraid but anyone outside UK that wants one – let me know and I’ll work out a price. I have decided not to use Rafflecopter for this one as I’m the one funding it and it just gets way to complicated and it’s not a BRAND giveaway as such. I will select fairly with a witness out a hat!

So go on – what have you to lose?

Good luck Cx

And here they are modelled by my lovely Hannah Montana!!

IMG_3134 IMG_3132

Reopened to Tuesday 30th May 2017 – Closed 9.00am Tuesday

**** CLOSED 12.00 Noon 13/04/2017****

OK – so you know I’m a big softie!! Everyone gets one!

Please email me you address clare@easypeasy-lemonsqueezy.co.uk and I’ll post after Easter to those of you I won’t see! Happy Easter Cx (Remember a £1 in the Marie Curie tin please) And you can buy any others for £4 each x


  1. Lemon chicken with egg fried rice is just so yummy !!!

  2. Lorraine Martin

    up until a couple of weeks ago my fave recipe was the chicken curry to die for, then i tried the bubble and smoke , its blooming lovely !!!! so now its that one but i still love the chicken curry to die for 🙂

  3. I love, love, love the beetroot, feta and butternut squash salad.

  4. Oh how to choose love so many. Chicken or beef udon noddles at the moment as very yummy & easy to do when cooking on a hot plate!

  5. Courgette with bacon pine nuts& peas just one of many ?

  6. I love Corgetti with Chicken & Pesto, but also Carott cake & Lemon Drizzle ❤️ Xx

  7. Anna Marie Robinich

    I love all, but the one that caught my eye is the rhubarb strudel. Will have to replace the rhubarb with apples though as I won’t find any in Malta unless I find some frozen rhubarb.

  8. Love all your recipes! But at the moment lemon drizzle cake is the winner closely followed by the currys!

  9. Emilie Hutchinson

    My favourite EPLS recipe has to be the I should coco bars. Oh my they go down a storm at home for breakfast or to pop in the lunch box. Filling, healthy and you feel like it’s a treat. X

  10. Easy Lemon Chicken with fried rice and the lemon drizzle cake. I just love lemon !!!

  11. Love all ur amazing recipes …..especially brownies (my lovely daughter pictured with in your cook book !) pavalova is one of my favourites !! X

  12. Samantha Barnes

    I’ve had a tub of coconut oil in my cupboard for months and your breakfast bars were the first thing I used it for. They were a great grab and go breakfast.

  13. Lemon drizzle cake is the best I’ve ever tasted!!

  14. Amanda Falconer

    Cherry Frangipani ( a little cheaty !!!)
    My way of cooking xx haha

  15. Whole roast cauliflower, very simp,e but delicious. If you have never roasted cauliflower try it. ?

  16. Love your recipe for Philly chicken, my kids love it and it’s a quick and tasty mid-week meal!

  17. Butter but squash and tomato soup. I love it at any time of the year ?

  18. The butternut squash and tomato soup is one of my faves – it’s a lifesaver on a fasting day (when I’m doing 5.2) X

  19. Baabars steak pie…..our favourite, alongside roasted cauliflower which was an instant hit!

  20. I’m not an inventive cook but your recipes inspire me to ‘ give it a go’ Choosing a favourite is hard. I’m going to go with Lemon Drizzle Cake as until I had tasted that, I believed I didn’t like Lemon in s cake. ❤️❤️ Win or lose Clare, I would like to buy one please xxx

  21. My favourite is the bacon courgetti, and the lemon drizzle and the cod bake and and and xxx

  22. your lemon drizzle cake – although it’s mainly my mum who makes it and I get to scoff it lol!

  23. Would go well with my Apron : I love the guacamole 🙂

  24. Charlotte perry

    Yorkshire pudding recipe always works a treat and the toad in the hole ? The lemon drizzle cake too! We’ve tried so many it’s hard to choose!

  25. Sandra Crawford


  26. Abigail Mellard-Sibley

    Got to be Bundles Brownies! ?

  27. Deliciously chocolatey brownies are so yummy and make a great Easter treat!!

  28. Lemon Drizzle every time here!

  29. The Doc’s spag bol. Used many recipes in the past but yours is definitely the best!

  30. Chicken curry to die for

  31. So I got all the way here, only to find myself ineligible by virtue of living outside UK. Understandable really. But I am undeterred! I will come and fetch said bags .I’m on a mission…#EasyPeasyAllovertheworld

    1. You can enter if you collect!! – consider yourself entered!

  32. Emily hutchinson

    Love all the recipes. They’re very filling & healthy. Well maybe not the cakes but they are tasty x

  33. Dottye Wescoatt

    Lemon drizzle cake

  34. Strawberry cheesecake the one Kathy makes its gorgeous

  35. Now opened again! – I can see all new entries from 27/05 to 30th!! Cx Good luck

  36. at the moment I love the choc chip cookie recipe but I also love your lemon drizzle cake – mum has helped me convert to use in our thermomix xxx

  37. Lisa mullenger

    I would love one of these lovely bags to take on my hols to tenerife in 6 weeks. It woukd be great way to market an amazing website with fantastic recipes x

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