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Who wants a New Easypeasylemonsqueezy Bag? #Giveaway

Hi lovely people -Who wants a New Easypeasylemonsqueezy Bag? #Giveaway

You have probably seen I have had some really lovely bags printed with my logo on! I love them – I love grey and yellow together and they are so much more stylish that those supermarket ones!!  And it says Easypeasylemonsqueezy on it – what more could you want 🙂


So I have loads and they are just £4 each (with an extra £1 I trust you to drop in the Marie Curie Tin next time you walk past)

I have decided to give 25 away – all you need to do is comment under this post – telling me what your fave recipe is on easypeasylemonsqueezy the blog! Ta-Dah-  That’s it.

Next Thursday 13th April 2017 @ 12.00 noon I will randomly choose 25 peeps to win one!

UK Comp only I’m afraid but anyone outside UK that wants one – let me know and I’ll work out a price. I have decided not to use Rafflecopter for this one as I’m the one funding it and it just gets way to complicated and it’s not a BRAND giveaway as such. I will select fairly with a witness out a hat!

So go on – what have you to lose?

Good luck Cx

And here they are modelled by my lovely Hannah Montana!!


Reopened to Tuesday 30th May 2017 – Closed 9.00am Tuesday

**** CLOSED 12.00 Noon 13/04/2017****

OK – so you know I’m a big softie!! Everyone gets one!

Please email me you address clare@easypeasy-lemonsqueezy.co.uk and I’ll post after Easter to those of you I won’t see! Happy Easter Cx (Remember a £1 in the Marie Curie tin please) And you can buy any others for £4 each x


Julie Dodds says:
Lemon chicken with egg fried rice is just so yummy !!!
Lorraine Martin says:
up until a couple of weeks ago my fave recipe was the chicken curry to die for, then i tried the bubble and smoke , its blooming lovely !!!! so now its that one but i still love the chicken curry to die for :)
Rachael says:
I love, love, love the beetroot, feta and butternut squash salad.
Carole Tilsley says:
Oh how to choose love so many. Chicken or beef udon noddles at the moment as very yummy & easy to do when cooking on a hot plate!
Susann says:
Courgette with bacon pine nuts& peas just one of many ?
Kathy Morfin says:
I love Corgetti with Chicken & Pesto, but also Carott cake & Lemon Drizzle ❤️ Xx
Anna Marie Robinich says:
I love all, but the one that caught my eye is the rhubarb strudel. Will have to replace the rhubarb with apples though as I won't find any in Malta unless I find some frozen rhubarb.
Tracey britten says:
Love all your recipes! But at the moment lemon drizzle cake is the winner closely followed by the currys!
Emilie Hutchinson says:
My favourite EPLS recipe has to be the I should coco bars. Oh my they go down a storm at home for breakfast or to pop in the lunch box. Filling, healthy and you feel like it's a treat. X
Penny Lewis says:
Easy Lemon Chicken with fried rice and the lemon drizzle cake. I just love lemon !!!
Zara says:
Love all ur amazing recipes .....especially brownies (my lovely daughter pictured with in your cook book !) pavalova is one of my favourites !! X
Samantha Barnes says:
I've had a tub of coconut oil in my cupboard for months and your breakfast bars were the first thing I used it for. They were a great grab and go breakfast.
Carolynne Bell says:
Lemon drizzle cake is the best I've ever tasted!!
Amanda Falconer says:
Cherry Frangipani ( a little cheaty !!!) My way of cooking xx haha
Angela Kennedy says:
Whole roast cauliflower, very simp,e but delicious. If you have never roasted cauliflower try it. ?
Sara Botte says:
Love your recipe for Philly chicken, my kids love it and it's a quick and tasty mid-week meal!
Emily Rice says:
Butter but squash and tomato soup. I love it at any time of the year ?
Claire Hall says:
The butternut squash and tomato soup is one of my faves - it's a lifesaver on a fasting day (when I'm doing 5.2) X
Dee Carpenter says:
Baabars steak pie.....our favourite, alongside roasted cauliflower which was an instant hit!
Julia Best says:
I'm not an inventive cook but your recipes inspire me to ' give it a go' Choosing a favourite is hard. I'm going to go with Lemon Drizzle Cake as until I had tasted that, I believed I didn't like Lemon in s cake. ❤️❤️ Win or lose Clare, I would like to buy one please xxx
Melanie Tickle says:
My favourite is the bacon courgetti, and the lemon drizzle and the cod bake and and and xxx
Vic says:
your lemon drizzle cake - although it's mainly my mum who makes it and I get to scoff it lol!
SusieT says:
Would go well with my Apron : I love the guacamole :-)
Charlotte perry says:
Yorkshire pudding recipe always works a treat and the toad in the hole ? The lemon drizzle cake too! We've tried so many it's hard to choose!
Sandra Crawford says:
Abigail Mellard-Sibley says:
Got to be Bundles Brownies! ?
Suzanne salt says:
Deliciously chocolatey brownies are so yummy and make a great Easter treat!!
Andrea Goodwin says:
Lemon Drizzle every time here!
Jane McCabe says:
The Doc's spag bol. Used many recipes in the past but yours is definitely the best!
Emma james says:
Chicken curry to die for
Andy Mears says:
So I got all the way here, only to find myself ineligible by virtue of living outside UK. Understandable really. But I am undeterred! I will come and fetch said bags .I'm on a mission...#EasyPeasyAllovertheworld
    Clare x says:
    You can enter if you collect!! - consider yourself entered!
Emily hutchinson says:
Love all the recipes. They're very filling & healthy. Well maybe not the cakes but they are tasty x
Dottye Wescoatt says:
Lemon drizzle cake
Sandra young says:
Strawberry cheesecake the one Kathy makes its gorgeous
Clare x says:
Now opened again! - I can see all new entries from 27/05 to 30th!! Cx Good luck
Freya Britten says:
at the moment I love the choc chip cookie recipe but I also love your lemon drizzle cake - mum has helped me convert to use in our thermomix xxx
Lisa mullenger says:
I would love one of these lovely bags to take on my hols to tenerife in 6 weeks. It woukd be great way to market an amazing website with fantastic recipes x