White Deodorant Marks – 3 Little Words…

White Deodorant Marks – 3 Little Words…

3 little words …….White Deodorant Marks

Sometimes life really throws you a gift. How to remove white deodorants marks… 

I have just managed to justify the purchase of the most beautiful stunning high heels (check out LKBennett Anthea Sandals ).

How did  by realising they came with a life tip/hack, whatever you like to call it!

I don’t usually buy any extras when purchasing shoes. This is especially true 🙂 if it was one of those guilty purchases where you know you’ve paid too much and need to get out of the shop quickly.

Sneaking the shoebox back home without it being spotted.

(However at the same time want to drive home in your new shoes and then skip down the street in them).

Anyhow when it’s one of those guilty purchases I don’t want to add anything else to the bill however small,  but I was hooked when the lovely sales lady mentioned those 3 little words “white deodorant marks”.

So that was it and an extra £6 went onto the bill.

I got my first suede sponge. I’ve always cleaned my shoes with a brush but that’s history now.

The little suede sponge is a miracle.

It gets rid of deodorant marks in a flash.  It’s literally like rubbing out pencil marks.

You can cut them in half and use part of it for dark shoes, part for light shoes and keep another bit in your wardrobe for those vile white stripes. Genius!

White Deodorant Marks

Did you know about White Deodorant Marks?

In fact so simple I’m wondering whether everyone else already knew this.

Maybe  it was just me who was regularly trying to rub white streaks off my work tops.

This is usually at some unearthly hour in the morning with a damp towel.  

Praying they would have gone and my top would be dry before I walked into the office.

Well those days are now long gone and I can at last pass on some useful advice that doesn’t involve cocktails.

So motto for the day –

Always buy the gorgeous shoes as you never know what surprises they may gift you xxx

White Deodorant Marks

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