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When Facebook cut off the power….

Scary stuff … When Facebook cut off the power….

Yesterday was not the greatest of days for me and I need to share with you a few realisations I had! Facebook cut off power!

My day started at 6am when I woke up up north and needed to be back in the office in Essex by 10.00am.

My bleary eyed journey lasted more than 4 hours due to that bugger of a road the A14 …. Gggrrr – the sooner they sort it out the better.

I had logged into Facebook EPLS as usual to see my messages when I woke up and it said it was blocked and that I had to send personal identification to unblock my account.

Anyway I didn’t have time so I just set off and sang my heart out all the way down the A1 and M11 to my new fave ‘all I ask’ Adele 25. I’ve nearly worn the CD out πŸ˜‰

I arrived at the office at 11 and just got on with my day. At lunch time I tried to sort out my Facebook log on – what a crazy crazy organisation.

I’m not sure if you know but you simply cannot call or speak to a living soul? Yes really. All I wanted to do was to ask them how I could change my account from a personal one to a page and get unblocked.

I couldn’t even contact the help centre as you have to be able to log-in to do that. I managed to send an email and then I did the form and attached my passport photo??

FaceBook – It’s Recipes 

FB it’s recipes – doh!  Up popped a message that they would contact me once they had considered my application? When? When? For heavens sake it’s just recipes and they cut me off.

So I waited and nothing?

I checked the support boards and some people hadn’t heard from them for 6-8 months? So what to do? Obviously FB is linked to my blog and it’s my primary source of traffic to my website – Checked my Google Analytics – ZERO traffic from FB πŸ™

The worst thing was I could’t even send a message to let people know I was off line / blocked and remember I have more than  700 members?

So totally lost, I sent numerous messages via Twitter to FaceBook – NOTHING nada!


Tired, unwell, stressed and abandoned (strong I realise, but it’s how I felt) I sat and waited. I had a tear (I was tired) but I felt totally lost – 2 1/2 years of hard graft all my photos and yours of wonderful bakes – pictures of kids and families all tucking into EPLS food πŸ™ I was mortified.

So I decided that I would give it until Wednesday and if I heard nothing from FB then I would start again

I got home from work,  totally whacked had a lovely hot shower with my Neom happiness scrub (boy did I need that- the happiness part) He-Who-Doesn’t-Cook made my dinner – bless him.

Boom Back on 

I put my PJ’s on and then 7.30 I tried a final time and boom back on! All they did was put my surname in, that’s it!!!!!  The most bizarre thing is that after all that they let me put Easypeasylemonsqueezy in as a Nickname?!

Now I totally get why Facebook need to weed out all those false names and personal profiles – there is so much rubbish, nudity, swearing and gross stuff on FB – and they go for me – the recipe writer?

I’m angry today – they have the power over your stuff …. it’s a bit scary ….

I’m not sure what the answer is….

Be Careful is all I can say! I also learnt that my Easypeasylemonsqueezy Blog means the world to me – and yesterday I realised just how much… So when Facebook cut of power πŸ™ it’s really not acceptable

It cannot happen again

How would I get in touch with you guys, I simply don’t know?

Facebook controls all this information, all our information? πŸ™ and we can do nothing about it. I guess that’s part of the deal> But when Facebook cut of the power – it hurt

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Susan says:
I can imagine how you felt Clare?Hope your having better day . Hope you had nice weekend for your mums birthday xxxx
    Clare x says:
    I did thanks Susan and yes today is better <3 xxx
Regina L. L. Wells says:
What a bunch of rubbish. This is one of the reasons I limit my FB activity and interaction. They just don't want us to use their platform any longer. Since going public, it really strikes me that this is all about big business...or, at least, those willing to pay to play on their platform. You've got the right idea about building your list! Good luck, and I am so happy that this worked out for you.
Sammie says:
It must have been horrifying for you Clare. Building a newsletter list is a great idea. Personally I don't like Facebook, but I can see why it is popular. I enjoy your blog and this is a great warning to anyone who uses Facebook. Sammie xx
    Clare x says:
    Thanks Sammie - looking back it seems so silly to have tears - but at the time you are just desperate to get back on X
Angela / Only Crumbs Remain says:
You're right Clare, having had something similar happen to me with FB this past wk, it's incredibly frustrating when they block you from entering an account. I've been unable to contact them to, having only found some relatively general Q&A stuff at the bottom of the screen.! Glad you got it all resolved in teh end, Angela x