Doing nothing but relaxation, for a week?

Doing nothing but relaxation, for a week?

A week doing nothing – relaxation – a waste of time?

I’m a busy person – in fact I do not stop!

But for 1 week every year we (me & HWDC) go to the sunshine, we have done this for 15 years, I sleep, I eat good food (fish mainly) I walk, I sunbathe and I swim simply doing nothing but relaxation.

And at the end of it I feel amazing. Is this what we are supposed to feel like, is this it? Because if it is I don’t for the other 51 weeks of the year.

This year particularly it has been full on with my real job (manic), easypeasylemonsqueezy and family stuff. I sit in my office, I work in my kitchen.

And I spend many many hours on the phone and in my car driving up and down the country.

Also a fair bit of time in the air flying to either Denmark or Germany. If fact thinking about it makes me feel dizzy!

General wellbeing

My skin, hair and general health are suffering, I’m tired all the time!

Well this week I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve been sleeping like a rock (ok with the occasional midnight sweat 🙂 ).

Then napping after lunch for a couple of hours.

And what absolute bliss! I’ve also had time to wear face packs, pluck my eyebrows, file my nails – you know all the stuff we don’t get time for and it’s been heaven!

IMG_8276 IMG_8279 IMG_8106 IMG_8143 IMG_8255 IMG_8249 IMG_8264 IMG_8278





I had all sorts of things I planned to do while I’ve been away and actually I have done very little.

I have at least put plans in place for somee easypeasy stuff and worked and thought a little about the BREXIT decision made just before I left!

A a couple of emergencies at work, but apart from that not a great deal has been done…..

And do you know what – I feel alive again, the bags have reduced under my eyes, my skin has a golden glow and I don’t look that bad at all for 49! 🙂 not great obviously

Joe Wicks and I are going to be very close when I get back! Prepare to get sweaty Mr Wicks!

I’ve drunk ALOT of Champagne Sangria 🙂 Whoops


So is a week doing nothing but relaxation – a waste? NO not for me it’s a bloody luxury and I love it!!

I am praying that at some point we may have a summer.

Let’s all say a little prayer as EVERYTHING looks better bathed in sunshine

Take care & Happy Summer

And if you fancy reading about my trip to Antigua then please do




  1. This makes me want to spend a week in the sun doing nothing!

  2. Really lovely read – you are getting good at this! Told you how lovely you looked when I saw you so it defiantly did the trick! Big hugs ❤️ Xx

  3. Ps. Photos are gorgeous too! Xx

  4. It sounds bloody brilliant if you ask me! I just had a week, but we did a lot! Your vacay/holiday sounds lovely! The pics beautiful! <3 #BrilliantBlogPosts

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