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My top five beauty tips – Eloise

How lucky are we? The beautiful (inside & out) & talented Eloise shares her top five beauty tips with us. Make sure you check out Eloise on her social media – links at the bottom Cx

My top five beauty tips …


The most important step in making sure you have a fool proof, long lasting face of makeup is a good base to start with and a primer. When doing my own make up, I start of by using a good facial cleansing wash. My favourite at the moment is the Elemis Tri-enzyme resurfacing facial wash. Don’t be put off by the ‘resurfacing’ aspect – it’s completely smooth texture mixed with warm water leaves your skin feeling fresh and ready to go! My next step is a good primer. There are hundreds of different primers on the market but one that I’ve found works wonderfully when working with clients with all different skin types is the Nivea for men sensitive post shave balm. It contains an ingredient called glycerine which is key for keeping your make up intact. It not only hydrates the skin but ensures your make up will be sweat proof – perfect for these summer days. It retails at around £4.50 full price but it’s often on offer in boots/Superdrug.



There are so many foundations on the market for different skin types, you have to just find the one that works for you. Your friend’s favourite foundation may be perfect for them but do nothing at all for you. There are many different aspects to consider when choosing the right foundation, finish and tone to help you find the most ideal foundation for you. Although it’s so easy to go into your local pharmacy and pick out a random foundation because it’s on offer, I do really advise going to a makeup counter and getting one matched for you. One of the main brands I use on my clients is Estee Lauder, they offer a wide range of foundations for all skin types. If a client asks me for full coverage base, I immediately go to the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. Not only does a little go a long way, it’s the longest lasting foundation I’ve ever used. For my more mature clients, I tend to stay away from the full coverage, matte drying foundations. In order to minimise any lines, I tend to go for a sheer finish which give an illusion of smoother skin due to the light reflecting in all the right places. An ideal foundation for this is Mac face and body. To apply, my go-to brush has to be the Real Techniques expert face brush which is available online and in most Boots/Superdrug stores.



Eyebrows, my favourite part of make up! Eyebrows are so important as I find they either make, or break your makeup. Personally, I’m a big fan of the bushy, Cara Delevingne style brow as it just looks so naturally beautiful. A lot of people are scared to go near their eyebrows with any kind of makeup as they think they will be left with some kind of scouse brow. When doing a client’s make up, I always use some kind of product in the eyebrows as I find it really helps to balance the makeup. I use a variety of products depending on how heavy the rest of makeup is, including powders, pencils, gels and pomades. By using a powder to fill them in, you are able to build colour without over doing it – my favourite being Mac eyeshadows in Charcoal Brown and Omega (lighter alternative) using a small angled brush to apply. For or a more bold brow, I turn to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomades which allow you to define the brows more, creating sharper lines and fill them in accordingly. I start by filling in the end of the brow and work my way in, using less and less colour as I get to the beginning of the brow. This method allows the hair to still be visible making them enhanced but still natural.



It still amazes me how you are able to dramatically change someone’s face shape just by using a bit of cream/powder! I have a more round face shape so as soon as I saw a way to slim my face down I was all over it. There are only a few things you need in order to do the same to your face too. For myself and clients, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour pallet which includes 3 different shades of brown and 3 light shades which are perfect to achieve the chiselled look. This is quite pricey at around £38 but there are cheaper options out there. In order for your contour to look as natural as possible, you should look for a bronzer with a grey undertone rather than orange. I’d recommend Topshop’s Mohawke Bronzer which is just £9 and a great dupe for higher end bronzers such as Benefits Hoola. The next step is finding the right shaped brush. My all-time favourite is the Mac 168 Large angled contour brush as I find the shape easily gets into the hollows of your cheek bones. Angled brushes are the easiest brush to use but any smaller blush/bronzing brush will do. My final step is application. To start off, I find where the middle of the client’s ear is and sweep the bronzer towards the corner of the mouth. You want to concentrate most of the product on the outside of the face and gradually bring the colour towards the mouth. Blend upwards rather than down as you want to accentuate the shadow under the cheekbone and no lower. I then move to the fore head and temples. Only a light dusting of bronzer is needed but by contouring the temples, it will help bring out the cheekbones further while bronzing the forehead will give it a smaller appearance. I finish off by applying a highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones – Mac soft and gentle or Topshop Crescent Moon highlighter.



It is important that you set your makeup to ensure it doesn’t go anywhere. I use a few products to do this. For under eye concealer, if you are wanting to achieve flawless looking, creaseless makeup I use a process called ‘baking’. To do this, I apply concealer then immediately apply copious amounts of loose translucent powder (you’ll look a bit daft but you’ll thank me) my favourite being the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder which I apply with a small blush brush. I then wait a few minutes before lightly brushing away the excess powder with a large bronzing brush. After, I lightly set the rest of the face with the same powder. My last step is finishing off the whole face with a setting spray. My favourite is the Mac fix+ which retails at £17 however a cheaper alternative is Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day finishing spray.


Thanks for reading my top five beauty tips – Eloise , hopefully they will come in handy!

For any more tips or questions that you need answering, feel free to contact me on any of my social media pages:

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Eloise xxx


Jane McCabe says:
Have just made a shopping list of ALL of those products! Thanks.
Holly says:
Can't wait for my makeover on July 2nd now :) excited to see the end result!! Xx
Roisin Fitzgerald says:
I can't be without my eyebrow kit!! I barely recognise myself when they aren't done as they're so fair though!
Sarah - Arthurwears says:
I to have the Anastasia eyebrow pomade and shadow - they are great but hard to come by in the UK. The website I bought mine from don't sell the lipsticks either. Or foundation I'm a huge bareminerals fan and have yet to find a foundation to rival this #brillblogposts
Debbie says:
Hi Eloise, I recently read about using Nivea after shave balm as a primer, but couldn't remember exactly which one. Now I know I'm going to give it a try. Love the contouring tips too, it's something I'd like to try, but didn't know where to start. Fab tips and thanks. xx