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Time for a fresh start? – Hell yeah, bring it on

I’m stuffed! Are you?Time for a fresh start? – Hell yeah, bring it on

Starting 4th Jan 2016 we will once again start to cut down and cut back on the naughty stuff, let’s face it we’ve probably all overdone it for a few weeks (months?) . Christmas seems to start early December these days and we waltz through to end of December eating and drinking merrily! It’s way too easy. It has to stop very soon…..

I’m not a massive believer in faddy diets, cutting out whole for groups etc.  But I do believe in healthy eating, lots of fresh fruits and veg and lean proteins. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a carb monster – I simply love bread, potatoes and pasta (doesn’t much help that I got the pasta attachment for Christmas 😉 ) Whilst none of those carbs are bad for you we simply eat too much in this house. We will still have carbs but just not as much and I will try the move to brown.

So for the first 3 months of 2016 we are going to make a big concerted effort to watch everything we eat – (Somehow we need to banish all the Christmas chocolates from the house….. ) I will be posting  new recipes and generally giving you an update as we go. I’m sure there will be slip up’s and weekends where it’s difficult but WE WILL CONTINUE!

Since June this year I have almost walked 900 miles and this will continue. I have a Fitbit and I find this really great – it simply does make you do those 10,000 steps or more a day. I also have some friends who have had them for Christmas – so a bit of healthy competition will not harm – bring it on!  He-Who-Doesnt-Cook will have a dry January and so will I (booze is not a big thing for me). Now don’t get me wrong here,  we will not be on a DIET per-se, we will just adopt a new strategy 🙂 and try our best.

Recipes will still be easypeasylemonsqueezy and still super tasty but portions will be watched and changes made 🙂 I want fresh yummy food

So wish us luck and jump on board to a healthier 2016. And for the remainder of 2016 it will be the 80/20 rule – it’s a long term thing to be fit and healthy – and we deserve it don’t we? I feel a bit excited about it – bizarre I know…..

Would love to hear your plans – please get involved

Happy New Year Cx


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Jane Harvey says:
Having my reconstruction at some point next year. Before surgery I would like to lose 2-3 stone, my new boob will match the existing one and will obviously always be that size! Need to get started Xx
Alli W says:
I'm in! I don't have a Fitbit...but will do some internet research and might just be using my Christmas Amazon vouchers for one. Looking forward to all the healthy and helpful recipes from EPLS! xxxx