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Three Years into my Blogging Life – wow!

Three Years into my Blogging Life – wow!

I’m sat in the garden on this beautiful Sunday morning with not much on the horizon for today,  a rare treat! and I realise I’m – Three Years into my Blogging Life!

And until this year that would have totally freaked me out.  

My biggest dread, alone with nothing to do. Shows how far I’ve come over the last 2 years I guess.

I now cherish a day alone at home, in silence. I see this as a massive recovery step for me since my breakup, I’m comfortable and I’m happy.

There are many things that have helped me over the past couple of years, family and friends have to be up there obviously.

BUT I do have to say, without being too gushy, I really do feel my blog and my blogging life, coupled with my real job have been my saviour!

Sounds strong doesn’t it? But it’s so true, maybe I was supposed to do this, whatever , I’m so glad I did!

My life is fuller and richer for it – in every sense. My life has opened up to such a degree. Three Years into my Blogging Life – wow! I never know what is going to happen next…

So I’m often asked what blogging is?

I think my definition is a ‘fast moving’ website.

A site where you post frequently no matter the subject.

Mine is predominantly easy recipes and cocktails.

However  in the last 2 years it’s also been my outpouring where I get to write about how I feel and share the ‘real’ about a traumatic breakup of a 23 year relationship.

It’s my voice and yours too, my little space on the internet that I own to do with what I like!

Lifestyle Posts 

My lifestyle posts are some of my most popular posts.

I do this as it’s cathartic and it seems to help people relate, to realise all these feeling we go through are somewhat ‘normal’ in the situation, even when at the time you think you are losing your marbles.

I’ve been massively touched by your comments and by the thanks I have from guys and gals around the world about how you can relate and how it’s helped.


I started posting recipes and drink recipes in the beginning.

I and even put a book together which I managed to use to raise funds for Marie Curie a charity very close to my heart.

Then the REAL blog started. To be absolutely honest I had NO idea what I was doing when I started…. and here we are three years later.

Still learning 

It’s surprising what you can learn even at my ripe old age.

So if you’re thinking about it – my advice  – JFDI – I hope you know what that means.


If you don’t have a go – then you’ll never know

What My Blog has done for me is quite simply given me a totally different life. I have met some true friends through this blog.

Going to  some amazing events is another plus point  and I LOVE sharing my stuff with you guys, really I do. I get to see and review new products and I get to try new places to eat – what’s not to love?!

Saying no to a lot of stuff still, stuff I don’t like or agree with!

Food Blogging

Food is at the pincicle of what I do, I believe it is fundamentally one of the most important things in life.

Firstly you need it to survive, but it brings with it so many family and social occasions. It give us a purpose to events, it’s at the centre of what we do.

It’s what we put in our bodies, it’s what we thrive on!


We need to teach our kids to cook, please, I’ve said it before….

To have a healthy attitude to food and to know how to cook is vital in this social media crazed world!

Year on year my site is twice as popular as it was the pervious year.

My page views are crazy thousands and thousands of views per month, from literally all four corners of the planet.

It gob smacks me daily! The power of the internet is truly scary!

I’m a part-time blogger

I have a serious career and day job too.

However I have started to earn money from my blog, this was never the purpose. But why not?

I have ventured into having ads on my site – this was a big step for me. I will use it for my retirement to live a great blogging life and meet new people.

It will allow me to do events much more frequently and I can’t wait.

I have to say NO to so much stuff as I simply have NO time and I want and need to stay employed as a Director for my day job, but one day, hey!

I’ve already bought a couple of domains for the future ha! www.oldbirdblogs.co.uk and www.oldestbloggerintown.co.uk – lets see if I ever use them.

Starting a blog

What starting this blog / business has done, together with my day job, has helped me realise how much I love business.  

Full stop and how much I love communicating with people, three years into my blogging life, I can honestly say it’s been the making of me.

Business Coach

Someone very close to me , last week suggested that in my retirement I also become a life/business coach.

Do you know what – maybe I will, maybe I have a lot of experience to pass on, something to offer?

Interestingly less than 1 week after my friend said this to me I was approached by a lovely lady who has asked if she can grab an hour with me as she has just gone ‘live’ on-line with her business.

I’m flattered!

So yes I can try and help.

If I can help anyone else, I don’t know it all but maybe I can at least point you in the right direction, just shout! I’m a massive believer in ‘paying it forward’


So back to my recipes – you guys amaze me – you continually use my website as an on line cook book, that’s all I ever wanted when I started. You also LOVE cake it seems 🙂 still THE most popular recipes on the blog!

I have spent many many nights on SEO and on promotion and it has paid off massively.

Highlights this year are that I have reached #183 in Foodies100 – I’m proud of that…

I only have evenings and weekends to do this. It’s hard work but I love it! And hard graft pays off….

I’m working with some great brands right now and have some lovely stuff coming up. I also manage to host a lot of giveaways – so next time come enter, why not?

So I’ll go now and stop with this chatter.

My only advice – if there is something you want to do:


JUST GO FOR IT! The opportunities are endless!

So  again Three Years into my Blogging Life – wow! I can’t wait for the next three….

Thank you all for your support, please share the easypeasy LOVE

And anything you’d like to know – just drop me a comment below? Have you ideas for a business? Do you enjoy my blog?


P.S #itscominghome



Jo says:
You truly are an amazing woman!! I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support. I came away feeling uplifted, positive and having a purpose.... understanding what I need to be focusing on to get where I want to be. I’m so lucky to have met you... you’re a true inspiration and should 100% be a life coach!! Onwards and upwards... you rock!! Xx
    Clare x says:
    Why thank you Cx
Martina says:
I'm so pleased that blogging has been so important to you. I haven't come across your blog before, but am heading straight over now to check you out! #brillblogposts