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September seasonal food – what’s hot

So what’s Hot and What’s not in September? September seasonal food. I’m quite into this eating in season lark, it makes total sense to me, if they are ready now – eat them now – yes?

Firstly,  produce in season is at its  best,  it is usually abundant and readily available. This also means they tend to be lower in cost than at other times of the year. They also seem to be stocked in vast quantities in the supermarkets. Why not process and preserve at this time, jams, chutneys, puree’s frozen etc.

So give it a go try to eat some seasonal food!

September Seasonal Food

What’s in season in September? A lot of products as it’s the end of the summer, here I have picked some of them:

Blackberries – go foraging they are hanging in the hedgerows – you can make jams,  crumbles, pies – all sorts of lovely things

Apples – make pies galore – Freda’s Apple & Fruit Loaf (recipe opposite is an ideal way to use up these apples) freeze purees – whatever but use them as they are so good

Freda’s apple & fruit loaf

Carrots / Squashes /Butternut Squash / Tomatoes – So good, slice spray with oil and bake in a hot oven, make soups – freeze them – see my recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash and Tomato Soup. I tell you there is nothing nicer on a cold day, you will be so pleased you did it and froze it – promise

Cabbage / Broccoli / Cavolo Nero – get your greens, steamed, panfried, in soups whatever,  but get those greens down you! Never a better time

Pears / Plums /Peaches – pop them on top of meringues, in cakes,  in crumbles or just poach in sugar syrup and eat with yoghurt or Creme Fraiche – delightful!

Courgettes – still in season and there at least 5 recipes on here with courgettes, just search using the search button! – My personal fave is Courgette & Sweetcorn Fritters – kids (and big kids) seem to love them…..

Let me know what you get up to, would love your comments.

So now you know What’s Hot and What’s not in the September seasonal food calendar

Thanks Cx


Sue Fleming says:
I have just seen Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy and I like it. Cooking with foods in season is a good way to eat.
    Clare x says:
    Thanks for your comment Sue - come on over and subscribe - you get one monthly email with a round up. leo if you would like to join me on Facebook its Easypeasylemonsquuezy Clare and just friend request me - thanks Cx
Rachael says:
I would love some healthy soups and slow cooker stews, please.