Reboot Ragdale Hall Health Hydro

Reboot Ragdale Hall Health Hydro

Reboot @ Ragdale Hall 

It is one of my most decadent treats. Reboot Ragdale Hall – that’s what I’ll call it! 

It’s something I crave and look forward to for most of the year, four days of total me time πŸ™‚ . My little secret that only my bestie really understands.

Me Time 

Now this ‘me time’ stuff we are all supposed to push for doesn’t happen very often for me. In fact the last time was when I was here last year. My bestie and I have been frequenting this spa for more than 20 years and often twice a year – gulp! BUT I never regret the cash or the holiday time.

This year it’s like my body needs it. I usually spend the first couple of days in a bit of a daze. By the 3rd day finally unwinding to leave in somewhat better shape – mind and body on the fourth day.

This year I have been SUPER busy (as has the Cocktails Queen).

I run around the country and Europe for most of the time and now I BLOG on top as well. All this on top of  the normal house stuff and family stuff and this year I can feel my body is tired! It’s lacking ANY sort of spark.

It feels like a long winter and all I can think is,  I look grey – my skin , my hair , my mood – maybe it’s just this long cold season and my impatient desire for some flipping sunshine (hurry up).

Or maybe its the fact that we are getting older and those wrinkles a little deeper and that skin a little more dehydrated. I don’t know? Maybe it’s the lack of ‘quality’ sleep.

Whatever it is I’m feeling it this year!

Here we are 

So now we are here (and breathe)

We will exercise, drink gallons of water, pay attention to my skin, smear it in oils and potions  of all sorts of delectable types.

Have my body pounded by nimble young beautiful therapists with perfect eyebrows… ( πŸ™ ) oh to be young

(I have to say I had the most wonderful massage and facial this morning with Oliva – #topjob and incidentally the most perfect brows).

I’m seeing (especially this year) this break as an opportunity to try and get rid of that tension in my shoulders and  those dreadful knots (gosh they are really bad right now).  

To try and push some life back into my skin, to get rid of those dry patches on my arms and back – generally to overhaul and REBOOT for the summer!

So why Ragdale Hall?

For me the best Spa (I’ve been to a few) it’s not surprising that they have a cabinet full of awards.

The Hall itself is beautiful and it’s changed some what over the past 20 years.  

This year there is a new extension on the Veranda Bar with a lovely seating area outside which I imagine would be fabulous  in the summer! And they have some funky new furniture…..


Personal Touch 

The spa has grown both physically and in client numbers over the years.  

But somehow they have managed to keep it personal and intimate.

The treatments have moved with the times (I can remember when they had sun beds and the therapists used to come in half way through, give you a glass of orange juice and turn you over πŸ˜‰

Not today obviously)  – today they concentrate on excerise, a massive range of treatments and holistic therapies,  well being and good nutrition.

The Lodge 

This year we decided to take a room in The Lodge.

It’s a small house with 4 bedrooms very near the main Hall itself – it’s very quiet down there and such a cute place.

The rooms are large and well equipped with a lovely large bathroom.


Breakfast in bed 

So everyone is served breakfast in bed.

You choose your breakfast the day before and it’s delivered the following morning – it’s ace!


Then you are free to do just what the heck you like.

Whether it be an exercise class in one of 2 studios, a session in the gym, a swim, a relax in the thermal spa – just anything you like. You can snooze (and snore) in any of the quiet rooms, read, do a jigsaw – whatever!


And then there are the endless treatments on offer.

Way too many for me to mention – but have a gander here HERE.

It’s so good that you arrive in your bathroom or gym gear – have your treatment. You can then carry on with your day – not going outside to drive home – joy!

The beauty Atrium is equally as nice, an area where you just lounge around waiting to be called. Here I am looking particularly attractive πŸ˜‰


The shops 

Not forgetting three lovely shops – clothes, home wear and of course more lotions and potions than you could imagine.

So the main reason we choose Ragdale?

It is simply because I do not get dressed for 4 days.

I do not wash my hair (skanky I realise) and  leave the products on my skin and hair for maximum effect. I do not dress for dinner, I just shuffle in in my bathrobe!

All I pack is simply  – underwear, gym gear, swimming gear and that’s it! And unlike other spas this is totally ok and accepted at Ragdale. (Should this change then so may we).

Don’t get me wrong there are many many people here who do the opposite;  look at it as a break and a reason to dress up, completely the opposite to Jane & I, which is also totally fine.

We however come to take a rest from the dressing up, makeup on, hair done, daily life. And hopefully by tomorrow we will emerge, rebooted, nourished and glowing – well that’s the plan anyway!

If fact I hope we managed to Reboot @ Ragdale Hall

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  1. This sounds absolutely devine! I would love to stay in my jimmies & relax for a few days πŸ™‚ So glad you had some down time to recharge. Thank you so much for sharing at the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up!!

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