Bundle ran the Marathon!

Bundle ran the Marathon!

I ran the marathon

8 months ago I couldn’t run 1 mile, last Sunday I ran the London Marathon.

I now truly believe that with minimal training (as mine was very minimal due to a knee injury and general lack of enthusiasm) and the right mentality, anyone can run a marathon.

However, I put great emphasis on the latter, because nothing, not even months of training, will help when you’re freezing cold and hungry 20 miles in apart from your desire to cross that finish line.

Up until half way it felt like a walk in the park as you soak up London and the incredible atmosphere, but then slowly but surely, you question your sanity.

You begin to accept sweets off of total strangers, the chafing is now becoming painful, and you cry for absolutely no reason.

The worst part for me was between miles 19-22 when the crowds die and you run through an incredibly boring part of London.  

However at the 23 mile mark sign I got just a tiny surge of energy, the combination of the crowds and the incredibly generous people who have donated, which spurred me on (nothing too major, no sprinting, just a light jog, my legs were rock by now).

And those last 3 miles were amazing.



I began to appreciate just why people run, and suddenly running a marathon seemed like a great idea, but nothing made me more happy than seeing that finish line!

Once you’ve crossed that line the adrenalin will wear off and you’ll feel pain, pain and tiredness like you’ve never felt before.

You’ll hobble along to collect your bag, slowly nibble on a banana and grunt at anyone who trys to speak to you.

My biggest bit of advice?

If you ever have a mad moment and enter a marathon, take the following few days off of work because your legs will not want to move and you’ll sleep for hours.


But, a week later, and I received the email reminding me that tomorrow is the day to enter for the 2017 London Marathon, and I can guarantee I’ll be entering.

I still don’t like running, it still bores me, and running a marathon is a little bit insane BUT it’s is my biggest personal achievement and nothing beats the sense of happiness you feel on the day when people are cheering you on.


1) Vaseline. Vaseline everything. Otherwise you will hurt, big time.
2) Accept sweets off strangers, even if they look a bit dodgy. Nothing beats a jelly baby when you’ve been running for 5 hours
3) Stay the night after the marathon in a hotel near the finish. I didn’t, and it was the worst journey home ever!
4) Don’t let your family track you on the marathon app. They might worry about you when you stop moving on the tracker, when in reality you’ve just stopped for a quick kiss with your lover and swig of lager
5) Make a bit of an effort with how you look otherwise you will regret it when those sneaky camera men appear
6) Don’t get disheartened when you’re overtaken by a man in a rhino suit

I’m running a marathon!

Please visit my page www.justgiving.com/clflemingsmith

Thank you for all your sponsors

Love Bun X



  1. Bundle we are so so proud – and you make me die laughing with your honesty – Love you xxxx

  2. Think I’m a bit old to do anything other than think about running a marathon! I’m leaving if to you youngsters. Well done & here’s to 2017 x

  3. I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you!

  4. Well done! I’m in awe of people like you. I’ve just taken up running and can barely run 3 miles non stop and that’s bad enough but 26 miles hell no!

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