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Nutribullet – will the love affair last?

I remember the joy when my brand new shiny new baby arrived. I simply couldn’t contain my excitement when it was delivered to the office. Rushing home to and get cracking was all that was on my mind … she sat all afternoon in reception calling ‘take me home and unwrap me’!

On the way home I dashed round the supermarket, excitedly grabbing anything green I could find, stepped through the door at home and frantically unwrapped and got stuck in!

Some of my first Nutriblasts were a disaster, but then I got the hang of it and for 14 days we were inseparable <3….. trying all sorts of wonderful creations from fruits to vegetables and a combination of both, looking for inspiration in the free book supplied with the bullet and trying new ones.

Interestingly you can follow a plan as detailed in the recipe book and try and target particular ailments. Me being me,  I just tried all sorts.

‘He-who-doesn’t-cook’ also got involved! Think it was the ‘gadget factor’ that helped . We quickly established a his ’n’ hers routine. His at bedtime – almond milk, banana, fig, date and cocoa powder smoothie. Me, a green juice – spinach, apple, celery and lime extravaganza (trying to avoid the high fruit, high sugar delicious ones too often).

We have pretty much stuck to the his ’n’ hers over our 6 month affair. We dabble from time to time with frozen cherries, mango, berries,and Nutriblast Superboost powders etc . Some of which are truly delicious, some not so (gulp – hard core).

Some of my friends who also jumped on the band wagon and purchased a NutriBullet. They go for yoghurty, oatie ones etc. Not in this house – it’s just not our bag, but I am told they too are quite lovely and breakfasty!

My colleague (who shall remain nameless) made me chuckle a lot! (it still does now).  The new Nutribullet was banned from her teenage sons after 1 week of it entering their home. Everyday that first week text messages would arrive …, that proverbial beep / vibration on the desk…. now what have they put in the Nutribullet?

The final straw was the ‘I’ve made the best smoothie eva! – Penguin biscuits and milk’ ……… you can imagine the response. *it sounds quite delicious to me :-)*

What remains 6 months later are 3-4 staple Nutriblasts and some pleasant surprises:

Blasts: One Green / One bedtime Banana (he who doesn’t cook) cocoa mix / and the occasional Fruit mix Nutriblast

Pleasant Surprises that can be made in the Nutribullet / pesto / hummus / breadcrumbs /Nut-butters / pancake mix/ couli etc list is endless. Not sure you are supposed to but i do and it works well!

Will this love affair last? – I really think so – Nutribullet you will always have a place in my home and in my heart and ‘will we survive the distance?’ – I’d put money on it – I adore my Nutribullet!

Should you buy a NutriBullet?

I have been asked many times – ‘Should I buy one?’ my answer is yes. It’s easy to use, easy to clean (V important, long gone are the days of juice running down your arms and kitchen sides) and it massively helps to use up those fruit bowl hanger arounders (I hate waste) ….. and finally I would never manage to pack as much healthy spinach without one… I’m not sure I always get my 5+ fruit and veg a day – but I’m nearer now than I’ve ever been.

Here’s the one I have!

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Jane Foulkes says:
The nutribullet is the only place I've found to use a Sharon fruit !! What do people do with them ....... Well they're fab with frozen dark cherries and some berries .
Petra / Be Healthy Now says:
I've heard many good things about nutribullet but I am not sure I want to get it. It looks a bit small? Does it create two good portions of a smoothie in one go? #BrilliantBlogPosts