Neom Organics – Happiness Programme #NeomHappy100… Early days

Neom Organics – Happiness Programme #NeomHappy100… Early days

Neom Organics – Happiness Programme #NeomHappy100… Early days

For those of you who know me very well, you will know I am a big Neom Organics fan. If you fancy a look here’s a link to their website  Neom Organics

Predominately it’s their candles that I love.  However I have also used some of their other products over the last few years.

They are my little bit of luxury.

And my giving ‘gift’ of choice is always a Neom Candle. The difference with Neom is that their candles  are made using the highest level of essential oils possible – a massive 30-40ml in each – the three wick scented candles boast scent proven to make you feel good.

Natural Neom Organics

Natural and long-lasting, they burn cleanly and evenly without any toxins. (no black smoke)

I have a real thing for aroma and fragrance. Some fragrances can actually make me feel queasy and nauseous.

I’m very strange, however some fragrance – especially essential oils I adore. I can actually feel them calming me.

At home without fail  there is always  a Neom Candle burning… my fave is actually the ‘Relax Candle’ followed closely by the ‘Tranquility’ one.

So when I got through to the research trial and part of the ‘Neom Happy 100’ I was very happy! (I wonder if thats’s part of the plan 🙂 ) 

Neom have chosen 100 people to run an extended happiness trial for the whole of February!


We have a bunch of lovely products (bliss)  a Journal for every day and a calendar to stick to.

Small changes really but so far (Day2) it’s making me actually do these things.

So yesterday if was a wonderful Happiness candle burning for 2-4 hours in the evening and a brisk 20 minutes walk – in the fresh air, mind it was windy!


Tonight again candle lit and I’m just off for my instructed Bath “creating a spa” in the bathroom – my one small problem is I only have a shower but hey ho!

 I’ll improvise and take a nice long shower with my lovely Neom Body Scrub! I could get used to this.



Wake up to Yoga

Tomorrow I will set my alarm clock 15 minutes early!  And ‘wake up to yoga.’

I have a very long day tomorrow but I will make the time !

I’ll update in a couple of weeks and let you know what I’m up to and if I’m happy 🙂

There are also some recipes to try in the journal and some lovely smoothie recipes – I’ll post them soon

One thing for sure it is so lovely having beautiful new products to try and so far I have LOVED each and everyone of them.

Do I feel happier?

Not sure yet,  but it certainly is making me stop and concentrate on something new each day , even if it’s only for 15-30 minutes – maybe I’m learning a little about mindfulness?

Let’s see


(part of #NeomHappy100 – products received for trial)


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