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Mothers Day Present ideas – nice easy ideas

It’s Mother’s Day on 10th March this year (that’s SUNDAY!!!!!) in the UK

Here are some Mothers Day present ideas (you’re welcome). You know  Mothers Day is that day we can treat our mums or step mums or ‘like mums’ just those ‘special ladies’ that help us out. Those who are our friends, who maybe taught us to use a spoon…you know the ones I mean. My mum is my best friend too – how lucky am I! I realise there are many many people out there who’s mum may not be around for many reasons. However I’m sure we have a special lady in our lives that we can celebrate on 10th March

Present Ideas

Here are some ideas that maybe can inspire you to make something or do something different, just ideas and thoughts, please comment below with any other ideas you have:

1. Why not cook her a meal! Most people love to be cooked for and not the fancy stuff just some good food – where you have made the effort especially for them. Sit down round the table and have a good old chat! Pick an Easypeasylemonsqueezy recipe and ask the family round, just spend some time together and don’t let her do anything! (including the washing up!) If you can’t cook (don’t believe you) book a nice meal out, doesn’t need to be fancy – just good food!

2. If you aren’t able to entertain, maybe make your mum a cake? Hey Dads – get the kids to make mum a cake! There is nothing nicer than a thought out gift,  a gift where effort has been made – not just cash spent.

Cakes I can recommend are Bundles Brownies (amazing – honestly), Lemon Drizzle Cake & Cherry Madeira – you can buy some lovely cake boxes these days and ribbons. I wrap my loaf cakes in brown paper and pop a ribbon around! (I found  ‘mum in a million ribbon’ at Christmas time)

3. Flowers – they don’t have to be the very expensive supermarket or florist bouquets – try my Jam Jar Flowers – so lovely and so low cost – dads ask the kids to put them together. Maybe treat her to breakfast in bed? and pop the JamJar Flowers on the breakfast tray?

4. You could make her a small hamper – decorate a box and fill it with thoughtful special things – they don’t have to be expensive – maybe a favourite photo, a candle, a cake, a bottle of fizz or  fave chocolates  – fill it with love x

5. Why not give your mum a voucher for ‘2 hours of housework or gardening’ – or do the food shopping? Doesn’t cost anything and she will always appreciate doing one less job and getting to spend some quality time with you

6. Maybe an  adult colouring book and some pencils – low cost and a lovely gift? Who doesn’t like a bit of colouring in?

7. A scrap book maybe? Full of lovely memories and pictures – quotes – how nice is that? And the little ones could make mummy a picture? Dad’s get on the case 🙂

8. What about just spending the day with your mum, sometimes that’s all they want – whether it be shopping, coffee’ing, a day at a spa whatever makes her happy!

9. And if you are feeling flush,  I can highly recommend a Neom Candle. They are wonderful and a proper treat – check them out www.neomorganics.com

10. And finally -lets not forget to tell her you LOVE her and appreciate her.  After all that’s all they really want (and don’t forget her card, never forget THE card)

So there are 10 lovely ideas! Let me know if you use any of these Mothers Day present ideas

Have a lovely day! Cx


Honest Mum says:
Such a wonderful post bursting with Mother's Day ideas, love the idea of the hamper and of course reminding mums how loved they are. Thanks for linking up x