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Meditation for Beginners, meditation virgin?


Well what can I say. I never imagined I’d ever write a Blog Post called ‘Meditation for Beginners – meditation virgin?’

Well here I am doing just that!

Anyone who actually knows me would not for one moment expect that I would start to meditate.

Let me tell you,  it’s probably one of the best decisions I probably made recently  – yes really 🙂 So I highly recommend Meditation for beginners!

I’m a very busy person, I’m director of a couple of companies in real life and I’m also a Food & Lifestyle Blogger &  owner of Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – Food & Lifestyle Blog.

I love it – all of it – but at times I have massive moments where I feel stressed, overwhelmed, unwell sometimes. Maybe it’s  something to do with my age too?? 🙁

I am a tad mad, crazy, manic and a uber quick at everything I do. Rarely to I stop – I don’t watch TV – very rarely anyway and I have a busy family life and social life. (I even take my phone when I have a bath – there you go – that’s honest isn’t it!)

My mind races and sometimes I’m anxious – too much, too bloody much!

But I simply don’t know how to say no to things – maybe it’s the FOMO (fear of missing out) I want to live my best life always and as they say ‘you’re a long time dead’


BUT…… and it’s a big BUT

Sometimes I feel my blood ponding and my heart racing and I can’t sleep.

It’s very trendy to talk about ‘Digital Detox’ I’m not sure I agree with that, but there is a place and a time for everything

So six weeks ago my lovely friend invited me to a meditation class.  I went along with my blanket and my pillow and laid on a floor in an old mill with twenty or so other women.

Laugh if you like, but I have to tell you it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. When I walk in I feel a sense of calm – before I’ve even laid down.

Gel our meditation teacher just oozes tranquillity. I switch my phone off, yes off, not even on silent!!! And I immediately feel decadent – yes decadent – strange word isn’t it?

But this is my time, away from the world and away from the mind chatter

Meditation for beginners


The smell is amazing – I think it’s probably incense and there are candles everywhere oh and twinkly lights.

Music playing quietly, I LOVE it!

So we all lay down on the floor (or sit if that’s what you prefer) and snuggle down in blankets with eyes masks and then we start.

Gel asks us to focus on our breathing, nothing rushed, nothing hurried.

We are guided through a series of visualisation and some periods of absolute silence, apart from the slow soothing music in the background.

We are still, I am still and that really doesn’t happen very often.

I then realise that this is what it must be like to be relaxed  and I don’t just mean chilled I mean totally at one with the universe  and it feels flipping amazing.

Sound Therapy

Gel also practices some ‘sound therapy’ with us, not everyone likes it.

At first it’s a little strange, however now I love it. Gel bangs a bowl and the sound resinates around the room and actually around my brain, clearing it of everything, it’s a bizarre sensation, but nice if that makes sense.

I’m now on week six and every week I go a little bit deeper, I’m finding it easier to brush those thoughts away and stop the mind chatter. I can’t imagine not going ever again.

Now I just need to learn to practice for 10 minutes or so on a daily basis – that’ll be interesting

So Find yourself a class why don’t you? My advice ‘just do it’ even if you’re sceptical it’s a 90 minutes rest 😉 if nothing else!

When we come round Gel hands out sweets and water and we all have a little chat and you feel part of the group, most nights it would be nice to stay and sleep – almost like a pyjama party – but hey I wander home, no TV, bath and bed and it’s ace!!

So thanks to Gel I’m a calmer individual and maybe a tiny bit more balanced who knew hey!

And if you live close by here’s Gel details Golden Hands Wellness  go like her page!

So do you practice Meditation are you a novice like me? Meditation for beginners is the answer!

Let me know – I love your comments and if you’ve not tried it try and find yourself a Meditation for Beginners near you! Highly recommend it

If you look carefully you’ll see me & Dolly, ha ha !


Meditation for beginners

Namaste! Meditation for beginners – yasssss!

And love and light, Clare

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