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Lollies lollies Everywhere

Lollies lollies Everywhere

School is out for summer! so that must mean Lollies? 



Have a go at these – try all sorts and get the kids making them!

So the Kids are off school, it’s Hot Hot Hot – it’s lolly time! Why not make your own?

Give them some good stuff and get them making them too …… (I bought my lolly moulds from Amazon about £3, or just use empty small yoghurt pots or plastic shot glasses with lolly sticks)

Lolly Flavour ideas 

These are my ideas for you – but remember you can do anything!

Elderflower and Apple Lolly

(adults add a splash of gin) Simply use cloudy apple juice with a drop of elderflower cordial and freeze

Creamy Summer Berry Lolly 

Take low fat greek yoghurt, mix with a couple of tsp runny honey and as many crushed berries as you like, I used cherries and raspberries

Simple Orange Lolly

I used low sugar Tropicana – simple

You can use crushed fruits, yogurt, milk, honey to sweeten.

You can make layered lollies with yogurt and juice (freeze each layer in turn)

Traffic Light Lollies

Why not try traffic light ones, using mangoes, kiwis and strawberries.

You can crumble biscuits in the bottom , coat with a little chocolate , anything!

Go on get creative, its fun …. the only – issue waiting for them to freeze (about 3 hours) Enjoy Cx


Come on I’d love to see your lollies – please drop me a comment below the post!

I do so love to get your comments Cx