How was 2015 for you? Mine was a 7……

How was 2015 for you? Mine was a 7……

How was 2015 for you?

It’s days like today when you get a quiet moment and look back over the year and think about what happened. Almost another year gone (I can remember the Millennium like it was yesterday)

You know as you get older you realise that a good year is a precious thing. Mine has been ok,  better than some worst than others, BUT I’m sure we all have a lot to be thankful for.   And when it wasn’t so good,  hopefully we learnt some stuff too.

Health and loved ones are THE  most precious thing we have – so we need to take care of that. Everything else takes care, one way or another, of itself!


Highlights of 2015 

The highlights for me this year –  ‘He-Who-Doesn’t-Cook’  turning 50 – we did some really nice things, we had birthday dinners north and south with family.

We had holidays alone and with friends  & family – all in all lovely times. Memories to treasure. I am blessed to be ‘Bearby’ to quite a few and I love it! Primarily it is family and friends that matter the most.

Another highlight for me (die hard GBBO fan) is that I also got to meet Nancy Britwhistle from GBBO 14 (lovely lovely lady) and work on Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

I also managed to get to see first hand #extraslice with Sarah Millican with my best buddy – now that was funny – we were like children giggling


What did I learn in 2015

What I did learn especially this year,  is that sometimes life is REALLY tough! We all go through some rubbish stuff, we battle with things and we try and smile.

We watch our friends and family go through wicked stuff and we have to stand back and watch it happen – all we can do is try to help and sometimes we need to realise we can’t – and that’s the difficult thing!  

There are a lot of quotes flying around FB and other social media platforms about remembering those people who are battling things we know nothing about. I think this is something we should all remember…..

I met a lovely lady this year and I have a brand new friend (big highlight) – who’s attitude to life is truly inspirational – enough said – you know who you are Tracey Britten – and I so wish that you continue to go from strength to strength

I met another lovely lady too in 2015 – (how lucky am I)- Jane Mc – I’m so pleased I chose skybluecreations not only did I end up with an ace website – which I adore,  I also met you – my partner in crime ๐Ÿ™‚ – let’s workshop ….. lol!

We had a fabulous year at work, my best so far, we did an amazing job for our group in 2015 and I have my team to thank for that! I work with some great people – the team in the UK, Danes and Germans – I love my job (most of the time)

Launch of EPLS 2015 

And then on July 7th I launched the official Blog (woo hoo – for me a dream come true – tick):,  my platform for sharing recipes, inspiring easy cooking and generally sharing stuff.

I write this primarily for myself,  I have discovered I love to write – it’s just a blessing that you seem to like it too (long may it last). I love the interaction I get from the blog.

Some people say why am I so public? – well that’s what I decided to do. To be a blogger you have to give yourself and open yourself up  (I always keep a little back) My hope for the blog is that it continues to do well, I will always be a blogger now.  

In 2016 I hope to work with a few brands and peeps and move forward to a larger audience.

One thing to remember is that I do this because I love it and not for any other reward.


Goals for 2016 

For 2016 I have a lot of goals aims and ambitions, for  the blog, personally and health wise – I have new things I want to tick off my bucket list – I shall make a list on Jan 1st. 

At the top of my list (as always) will be ‘lose 3 stone’ maybe just maybe I might do it in 2016!  

Do you make lists too? 

Maybe you could guest blog some of the things or recipes you do in 2016 – that would make me happy….

I have a wide audience from near and far on easypeasy – FB is still my most successful platform for driving traffic, closely followed by Twitter and google. I need to work some more on Pinterest and Instagram….. writing a blog is quite technical and time-consuming ๐Ÿ™‚

So Jan 4th we start a 3 month healthy eating and healthy recipes – I hope you’re up for it?

All that I need to say now – is thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support in 2015 and let’s do it again in 2016, only this time bigger and better!

I wish you and your family Health and Happiness and Happy New Year

Big Love Cx

Below – give me your 2015 score out of 10 ๐Ÿ™‚ and next year we can see what has happened  Cx



  1. That’s a great blog and inspired me to review 2015 and look forward to 2016. You were definitely my favourite client of 2015! It’s been great meeting you. You are an inspirational individual xxx

  2. Love reading your blog, a strict vegetarian verging on vegan ideas you give as alternatives for me and mine are great. Thanks
    Wishing you and yours a great 2016 x

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