Hero Beauty Products – My 8 – UPDATE

Hero Beauty Products – My 8 – UPDATE

My 8 Hero Beauty Products UPDATE

We all have those favourite ‘Hero’ Beauty Products, those ones we simply couldn’t or wouldn’t live without. You know those ones that we NEED.

Well these are mine,  I call them my 7 Beauty Hero Products – some a tad pricey some not so – so here we go! And I have had to update to 8 Hero Beauty Products.

Oh lordy I’m in LOVE with the  NEW Neom Energy Burst. I  visited the new Neom Organics  store in Leeds a couple of weeks ago! Catch the story on my FB Page or on my Insta! Thought I might combust with excitement! 🙂


  • Neom Energy Burst 

I’m not great at perfumes at all. I cannot abide those strong, sweet, heady perfumes at all. I’m strange aren’t I? They actually turn my stomach!! 😉  So my total joy to discover something new that I REALLY love.

Welcome Neom Energy Burst! SWOON!!! 100% NATURAL EAU DE PARFUM! Their tag line – Spritz. Kick Ass. Repeat. Gosh I would bath in it if I could. A fragrance to lift mood from day to night! ‘Energy Burst is a crisp, uplifting scent blending the freshest grapefruit with sparkling lemon and a hint of rosemary.

Created using 17 of the purest possible essential oils, and always natural, always 100% natural. If it’s not natural and beautiful they don’t make it’. You need to have a whiff – do it!Neom Energy Burst £49.00





  • Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

This is divine and I was introduced not so long ago by my bestie. The thing is it’s super soft, deep cleansing and super nourishing and the smell  – simply divine.

I also love the fact you wash it off and you even get a great cloth with it too. It’s super. It’s £40,  so not cheap, but it lasts me a good few months. I also use it to get my eye makeup off even though it says not too. But it works just fine and it doesn’t make my eyes stream. And let me tell you I am Miss sensitive! Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm




  •  Estee lauder Double Wear foundation

Not sure if it’s my age but 2 hours after applying my ‘slap’ it’s gone. BUT this is great and stays on my skin! They have a massive range of colours and more often than not great offers on too.

It also has the bonus on having a SPF 10 Retails at £30.00 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation





  • My GHD’s – My hero 

I’m not blessed with the greatest of hair, it’s sort of wavy and unruly and my precious GHD’s are on there 10th year of use – so not too bad if you work out the ‘cost-in-use.’ I have never found any other straighteners that do the job as well as these.

So well worth the initial outlay,  also they now have some lovely new colours and designs of GHD’s – mine are the bog standard ones, but I wouldn’t be without them GHD Hair Straighteners

I did find on Amazon a lovely little set with a Heat Mat and a great paddle brush if you need some new GHD’s or are thinking of buying for the first time – do it! My opinion – there are NO better hair straighteners




  • Bumble & Bumble Brown Hair Powder 

While we are on the subject of hair, this is No 1 for me. I am grey 🙁 and I have dyed brown hair – so a couple of weeks after my colour I tend to start to see the greys and I cannot bear it!

So this little tin helps me keep them at bay until I return to the hairdressers. It takes a little practice, but once there it’s a life saviour! Bumble & Bumble Brown Hair Powder Retails around £28 however a tin lasts me more than 6 months





  • Jo Malone – Grapefruit Fragrance – Hero 

I’m a bit strange when it comes to perfumes and aromas. In fact. mostly, I cannot bear over sweet/strong perfumes. They make me feel quite nauseous.

But my all time favourite spray is Jo Malone – Grapefruit. It’s not sweet, it’s not that strong but it lasts, subtly, all day. In fact I’m not sure it’s even possible to overdo it! I love it  Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne  30ml £42.00




  • CoCoNut Oil – Extra Virgin, Raw 

Oh I use this for so many things – sees my post on the right, the uses are endless. My particular favourite, is as an intensive masque for my hair! Around £8.00




  • Nivea Sensitive Men shaving Balm 

This is a totally new one for me. Introduced to me by the lovely Elouise (see post on left) – you have to try it as a make-up primer. It is incredible. A total revaluation, I  actually keep my makeup on. And it was £2.50 on offer in Tescos! Woo Hoo




  • Dermalogica – Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque 

When I’m really really tired and my skin feels stressed and dull (and old) , I use this amazing ultra-replenishing, antioxidant rich masque. It’s so nice.

Botanicals help soothe and calm stressed skin while vitamins A, C and E help repair damaged, aging skin. That’s me! Dermalogica Multivitamin Powder Recovery Masque £36.70 – £38.00




I have loads more products I love – but these are my faves. What are your Hero Beauty Products?  Please drop me a comment below and let’s share the love and the tips! If you had to choose 7 products what would they be?

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  1. Nodding my head at lots of those-love Elemis everything and GHDs are a life-saver when I want my hair straight!

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