Fifty Tips for Fifty Years….

Fifty Tips for Fifty Years….

Fifty Tips for Fifty Years 

Flipping heck I’m 50 this June – how on earth did that happen?! OMG!!! So I thought I’d write my top fifty tips, observations, lessons and hacks! so I’ve called it Fifty Tips for Fifty Years

Fifty Tips for Fifty Years….

1. Wear a sun hat! and a good SPF (I  ‘roasted’ myself in my 20’s – not a good idea – I so wish I’d have used fake tan!)

2. Don’t over pluck those eyebrows – they simply don’t grow back

3. Eat brown bread and get used to it!

4. Don’t shop when you’re hungry – fatal!!

5. Sleep – the answer to most things ….. fact!

6. Just be! That’s totally fine ….

7. Always be kind, like really kind

8. Just let it go…….. yes really

9. Learn the inside out duvet cover trick…. it works

10. Learn to say no

11. Learn to say yes

12. Laugh a lot, seriously it’s so important

13. Learn to keep quiet when you need to, don’t pass judgement

14. Say I love you to those who are important! You NEVER know what might happen

15. Don’t fib – it doesn’t work. No not even white lies!

16. Whatever you try to do ALWAYS try your best

17. Work hard – there is no alternative to hard graft

18.Trust the magic of new beginnings

19. No guts, no glory

20. Hang on for your life to what’s important – but don’t be afraid to let it go

21. Do it with passion or not at all

22. One thing about those tables, they always turn!

23. True friends are those that love and support you through good times and bad and rock up with a cuddle!

24. Never stop learning it’s never too late

25. Always trust your gut instinct – if it doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t

26. Encourage and empower others with words and actions!

27. Look after your teeth – you only get one set…..

28. Try not to overthink…. it makes not the blind bit of difference

29. Design a life you love

30. Be strong enough to stand alone

31.Look after your parents – they looked after you!

32. So you’re a bit fat? So what – are you healthy?

33. Walk! just walk everywhere – it’s such good exercise and take those stairs… yawn

34. Try and combine your job with your passion – make earning money enjoyable

35. People are not mind readers. Tell them what you’re thinking

36. Be alone often – it helps you clear the rubbish

37. I know it’s flipping boring but you really do need to drink 8 glasses of water a day

38. Life is so tough – but so are we

39. Do some exercise – it really is good for your brain as well as your body

40. Never change the bed and forget to remake it before bedtime… awful!

41. Be REAL – you are what you are, warts and all!

42. Use a shower cap over your mixing bowl! Perfect for proving!

43.Eat those veggies! Make sure you eat a lot of colourful stuff

44. Sit still, once in a while

45. Get a memory box. Treasure those memories

46. Bake / Cook often – such fun

47. Find a flipping good hairdresser and stick with them

48. Be gentle, be kind – to yourself!

49. Steer clear of idiots – you just don’t need them in your life!

50. Jump him now…. Overthink it later 🙂

Wow 50 things – what would you add? – please let me know by dropping a comment underneath the post! I would so love to hear! Or let me know which one is your fave?!

Big love (in fact 50 loves) Cx


  1. Haha! no. 50! All good advice – thanks 😉

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