EPLS Travels – Antigua

EPLS Travels – Antigua

This time last week I was sat on the beach in Antigua! Did you know there are 365 beaches in Antigua?  One for everyday of the year!

Now there’s a challenge I’d like to try…. so maybe EPLS Travels – Antigua again soon? 🙂

This year I only actually managed 2!

I’ve had a hell of a year, as you guys probably know and I also have a hell of a year coming up too.

I’m really really busy with my day job and it was almost ‘now or never’ from a work perspective. So I NEEDED guaranteed sunshine!

I couldn’t risk the med or canaries – so Caribbean it was! It’s a long way to go for a week I realise, but what was the alternative.  So off I went sun seeking ….. EPLS Travels Antigua!

The resort I chose (with the help of my darling nephew – Thomas – thanks Tom & Kuoni) was The Verandah Resort & Spa a relaxing village-style resort with a host of activities that was ideal for families and couples alike.

It was 4 star and reasonably priced. (I’m saving myself for a big holiday later this year, as I have that Special Birthday coming ;-( ).

On arrival I have to say we had a few issues with rooms and beds etc., but to cut a long story short the staff were most helpful and resolved the issues quickly! Special ‘shout out’ to the lovely Ralph who came to our assistance!

The people of Antigua are simply beautiful, kind people always so pleased and happy to help! I lost count of the amount of staff who spoke to me as I walked around and did so very genuinely – beautiful people ….

IMG_3080 IMG_2667

The resort was very spread out in lush grounds, it had a  laid back ambience and didn’t for one moment feel  crowded, in fact it was really quiet.

One of the beautiful beaches is dedicated to non-motorised watersports and the cove-protected waters are perfect for snorkelling and kayaking.  

The resort boasts the island’s largest freeform freshwater swimming pool as well as a peaceful adults-only pool.

Having said all that, I spent my entire week on the beautiful beach! It was soooooo good to finally see the sunshine!

Most of the time I sunbathed in a yellow ring in the sea (simple soul that I am) T

he beaches of the Caribbean are so damm lovely, silver sand and clear sea with fish swimming around my ankles – bliss!

Laying on the beach looking at coconuts and walking past bananas is the most wonderful thing!

IMG_2686 IMG_3015 IMG_2659 IMG_2936

Now as I’m a foodie I was interested in the food and facilities!

Two restaurants – Seabreeze and Buccaneers, offered casual family-friendly à la carte dining and themed buffet evenings, these restaurants were inside unfortunately.  

When abroad I love to sit outside – so this was my own personal disappointment. I dressed up for dinner a couple of nights for Nicole’s, where, for a supplement, you could feast on fine steaks and lobster dinners.

I love breakfast and I wasn’t disappointed, beautiful fresh fruits and cereals and the most amazing Omelette chef ever – big ‘shout out’ to the wonderful Nevaline!

And of course you have to have a BEERCAN sandwich don’t you? 🙂

IMG_2986 IMG_2989 IMG_2993 IMG_2994

I spent my lunch times in the  Beach Bar & Grill, this was possibly my most favourite place – I spent EVERY lunch time feasting on this view and this food – my kinda view! (and what’s not to love about purple and red nachos?)

I also managed to drink numerous cocktails – oups! (helped with the afternoon snoozes)

IMG_2834 IMG_3005 IMG_3004

The cottage-style rooms are dotted in clusters around the resort and are ideal for couples & families as they are all very spacious. This is mine –

IMG_2939 IMG_2940

So apart from sunbathing and eating – what did I actually do? Honestly not a lot at all.

It was nice to sleep until I woke, it was good to swim and to feel the heat on my skin (a tad too much one day)

It was nice to dress up and have time for hair and makeup and to feel the tension ease.

I work hard and usually have little time, but I do like to be a girly girl and this holiday I actually discovered that I do like my hair curly – for years I’ve been battling it with my GHD’s – hey ho!

What do you think? lol!

IMG_2855 IMG_3046

And it was so nice to dress up in dresses and pretty shoes again following months in jeans and boots….  

I also had time to sort the masses of stuff going on in my head. I make some sketchy plans for easypeasylemonsqueezy, my real job and my life – yeah – let’s see how that pans out!


Unfortunately I had some really bad news whilst I was away – so it gave me time to consider this.

It’s always so tough when you’re away from loved ones when bad things happen at home. The learning curve is to realise that actually sometimes there is nothing you can do, whether you are home or away! <3

And finally of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a few hats now would it?! lol! and the coral one is new yey!!

And joking apart I did manage to keep my hair from going too blonde.

Keeping the sun off your  head and face –  is so important!

IMG_3077 IMG_2999 IMG_2678

So I’m back,  with a fading suntan but feeling slightly more refreshed, with a hope that we have an amazing summer here in the UK

Oh and if you enjoyed this you may well enjoy my posy about “Doing Nothing” in the sunshine

Fingers crossed

Big Love Cx

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  1. Looks fantastic!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time Clare . A well deserved hols. Xx

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