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Easypeasylemonsqueezy – The next 12 months – Eeeek

Easypeasylemonsqueezy – The next 12 months

So to the next 12 months, I have learnt to crawl so maybe it’s time I started to toddle a bit!

So what am I going to do?

  • I know only to well I have to check and proof my posts much better, I need to slow down a bit and not get too flipping excited and rush to get my posts out
  • I need to develop some new inspirational new recipes!
  • I want to follow and investigate some of these so called ‘super foods’ and to try and get ahead of trends etc
  • I may – just may start to do a few videos – mmm – it’s very weird hearing your own voice and seeing oneself on vid. I need to get past this  😉
  • I need to improve my photos, to not take my photos under artificial light but natural daylight (hard a I work full time  mmmmmm)
  • I need to invest in a better camera (this will happen very soon), as soon as I find time to do the proper research
  • I need to listen to my audience and do Book No 2 (yes Simon I will) and to do it as a ‘proper’ book, not just a fun photo book like the last one. This will be in 2017 I reckon!
  • I have plan for a ‘Tricky Dickie’ section on Easypeasy – recipes that are slightly more difficult
  • I hope to review some the interesting products and bring my lovely community many more giveaways and cool stuff!
  • I may start to review restaurants – only thinking about this
  • I have to continue to enjoy and love what I do – this is very important


BUT the most important thing for me is that my blog continues with integrity and sincerity. I have said this before!

So all it leaves me to do is to day THANK YOU for being a part of EPLS – and lets make the next year bigger and better than before

Love and #LovelyLemons

Clare X


Melanie Nicholson says:
Fabulous "to do list" with lots of great ideas. Very inspiring, keep it up xx