Easypeasylemonsqueezy creations – look Christmas ’15

Easypeasylemonsqueezy creations – look Christmas ’15

It looks like you were all a bit busy over the festive period – cooking and baking and some of you very kindly sent me pics – so here’s the best bits….. Look at your lovely Easypeasylemonsqueezy creations

The Christmas Italian Riccarelli went down a storm – Carole, Rachel, Sara and Jane sent me their lovely pictures. They are so good, really easy, chewy and bonus – Gluten Free! if you haven’t tried them already they are really worth it.

10427266_10153204007641034_4685768628270906614_n 308655_946761738736972_944589183560024152_n 947368_947344415345371_1582657246592193190_n 946466_1003956216344182_7682919828550624409_n IMG_5903

We also had a few puds Carole Made the Bomb, Freda made the Strawberry Shortcake (but with raspberries – nice idea!) Zara and Carole also made the lovely easy Pav!

10171262_947717395308073_803063557899216711_n 10372083_10207191462698754_6525080646220449377_n

1916720_946761538736992_6592797013302843312_n 12244364_10205354622161560_8976235447592447925_o

Sausages Rolls and Malc’s ( <3) Stuffing of course featured quite heavily! Even the lovely Victoria got to it! and how cute are the lovely girls and Alli I can always count on you you lovely lady!

12392009_10153833694417292_7110950987865290773_n 10338685_10154391762378102_8403922961872144070_o



Interestingly we also had the odd Salad – how good does Rachel’s look – so good that it disappeared very quickly

1236847_1295788610438024_8697930261886805051_n 10580001_1295789880437897_3476003320564796994_n

We also had a good old Bar bar Meat Pie and a few Wellies and some Chicken Dream Stick in there for a buffet  🙂 it was Christmas after all

IMG_6062 IMG_5936 IMG_5937 10448257_1295788643771354_2419574870749439306_n

So thanks all – and please remember I LOVE to see your pics – keep them coming. I expect my blog to be full of lovely healthy colourful food as we all get Healthy!

Love Cx


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