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The dreaded Beetroot Stain ….. *oh lordy*

You probably saw I had a nightmare at work yesterday. I made a lovely lunch of an open sandwich with fresh beetroot…. beetroot is so good for you…… or maybe not

This happened – doh! It was almost in slow motion…….. And although not expensive trousers they are one of my faves. So I checked out the website to buy some more, but out of stock 🙁 and I’m going away next week somewhere hot and I wanted them! ) You know what I mean …. I just want them!

IMG_4513 IMG_4514

So when I got home I got the trusted Vanish Powder out and thought why not! Someone said try mixing it with lemon juice (thanks Noreen) – nothing to lose – so I mixed:

Juice of 1 lemon  with 1 pink scoop of vanish powder (I used the one below – but guess it would work with any of them) and mixed to a paste


Then I laid the trousers (and I didn’t tell you I also managed to get it all down my top too) and top out and did this….


Added a little water on top and left for 30 minutes. Then i filled the sink with hot water and let them soak for 30minutes. Finally into the machine for a normal was ….. and the result



I’m sure they are even whiter than they were before -just hope they don’t fall apart when I travel in them next week


If you have a secret stain removal trick – please let us all know

#easypeasylemonsqueezy Cx

(please be careful – I only went for it as I had nothing to lose – always check to see if your clothes will take the stain removal)

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