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Diamonds are a girls best friend! You bet….


Now I’m a Diamond kinda girl – I love ’em – totally – the bigger the better, but is that always the best?

So let find out a bit more about them and about what life is like surrounded by those bloomin’ gawjus sparkly stones


The Diamond Geezer

Graham like most 16 year olds didn’t know he wanted to do with his life. His dad bought home a copy of the evening standard and in the back was an ad looking for a school leaver to start a 5 year apprenticeship to become a diamond setter with a firm in Hatton Garden in London. He phoned them, went for an interview and by the time he had got back from London they had already phoned his mum and told her he’d got it.

So he cracked on for 5 years learning every aspect of diamond setting whilst getting paid less than the price of his train ticket. It was hard graft for a young kid but he’s  so glad he stuck at it.”

So I got to ask Graham a few questions:

1. What is the biggest diamond you’ve ever worked on?

‘The biggest stone I’ve ever set was 12ct. It came with a pair of 6 carats all cut from the same rough stone – value was £1/2M

2. What should we clean our diamonds with?

The best thing to do is take your jewellery into any good jewellers who can polish and plate it professionally. If you are going to clean it at home just use hot water and a soft toothbrush, but stab the bristles in all the nooks and crannies to get the junk out

3. Anything else we should know as diamond lovers?

You need to know the four C’s.

Carat – which is the weight

Colour – this  is done on a white to yellow scale

Cut – which is the shape

and Clarity – which is all the tiny natural inclusions within the stone

This is all you need to know to grade a diamond!

So now we have a little teaser – one of these diamonds is worth £50K one is worth £1.50 – which is which?


So Diamonds are a girls best friend! Yes?

Thanks  Graham!

(I also asked him what sort of diamond he would choose for his future wife – he declined to comment 🙂 – fair play )

If you need any bespoke work done contact Graham – he works privately too

Instagram:     @thediamondknott

Email:              thediamondknott@gmail.com


Kathy Morfin says:
interesting blog! Love diamonds too. Difficult to see but I think the real one is on the right.
Martin says:
Present for my wife on our 40th wedding anniversary ideas please, yes she loves diamonds