Cruise Virgin – Ventura

Cruise Virgin – Ventura

Cruise Virgin

Well what can I say – I only went and did it didn’t I! I said I would never ever go on a cruise and I flipping well did. Both ‘He-Who-Doesn’t-Cook’ and I have always said no, don’t fancy it.   So I’m a cruise virgin…

Then we were invited by some very good friends to go and as a surprise for a 50th Birthday of a treasured friend. So we said yes! So onto Ventura we went…..

Everyone I told before we went assured me that we would LOVE it! So off we went,  Southampton bound, cases packed on a 2 night Mini Cruise to Guernsey.

We arrived at port and where the  lovely P&O ladies checked us in and took our bags – then through security – much like going through airport security.


On Board Cruise Ventura 

I didn’t know but on a cruise you do not use cash. You simply leave a credit card and have a Cruise Card.  Everything and anything is charged to that.

Being cash free was actually quite nice.

We didn’t, but I think you could get quite carried away with that Cruise Card. You also need it for getting off and back on the ship. Keep it safe!!!

We arrived, sneaked into our room and just leaned over the balcony and said hi! It was so lovely to see 2 old friends very happy to see each other!


Then off we went to our safety drill – this happens on every ship and it was more than a little funny ๐Ÿ™‚


Then to the deck for a bit of music, some food and I copious amounts of gin! as the 3000 passengers partied ….. it was almost like being on a party boat – everyone was having a lot of fun.

The cabins are quite small  – but totally acceptable for a couple of nights – not sure I would have managed for a 2 week holiday…. (I take the kitchen sink with me when I go anywhere, I’m rubbish)

First Evening cruising 

First night was formal – so everyone was dressed up – men in black tie us ladies in posh frocks,  even our little George joined in and we were on second sitting so we had a little time to dress up!

George the man – looked just too cute.

Child care arrangements were impressive with an evening play club, a settle down movie and a night nursery. A buzzer is given to the parents and you simple collect your children before 2am – civilised!!



When we woke up on Saturday morning we had arrived to pure blue skies and sunshine and off we went into Guernsey – what a lovely place St Peters Port is – quite pretty!

We ambled around stopping for coffee and lunch and a bit of shopping. Guernsey had some really good shops to wander around and a few purchases were made ๐Ÿ™‚





Back to the ship at about four – casual evening in the dining room with a little bit of Roulette in the casino! (we won – always a bonus) there are numerous bars and a club – whatever you fancy really.

I did notice a lot of hens partying away!

To bed we went (very late) and when we woke up we simply self disembarked into Southampton where it poured it down!

A lovely weekend was had by all! Thanks Abi Cx

 Repeat Cruise? 

The question – will we cruise again, unlikely  – it’s simply not for us.  

Whilst I  like the idea of exploring lots of places I do like to be on terra firm, my sea legs are shocking (I can get sick on a pedal).  I have to say that although I could feel a slight movement it did not bother me at all.

I suppose you should never say never – it was good to experience on this short 2 nighter and we had a blast with good friends!

Would I go to Guernsey again – most definately ๐Ÿ™‚








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