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Chickpea Mushroom Sweetcorn Burgers

Chickpea Mushroom Sweetcorn Burgers!

I had my lovely friend coming round for lunch, but the question is what could I make her?  Chickpea Mushroom Sweetcorn Burgers are what I ended up with – but it took a while! 

She’s on a vegan ‘ish’ diet – she’s so flipping healthy! She also runs bloody miles too

So a little challenge for easypeasylemonsqueezy – no worries!

Yes indeed the best veggie burger!

These Veggie burgers  are almost vegan actually apart from the egg white – my friend is allowed egg white! Phew 

To Make 

The full method is at the bottom but they are really easy.

You just sort of mash the chickpeas and sweetcorn! 

and mix with the other ingredients and then mould – have a proper look! 

Chickpea, Mushroom & Sweetcorn Burgers

Chickpea, Mushroom & Sweetcorn Burgers

To serve 

So what do you serve with a  tasty burger? Well I decided on smashed avocado on a big salad?

And oh it was really delicious! Yes please…..

Best Veggie Burger 

So I give you this lovely easy recipe for the  best veggie burger! 

So why not have a go at these lovely Chickpea, Mushroom & Sweetcorn Burgers they are simply so good and full of flavour!

(P.S – they wouldn’t survive a BBQ – too fragile) just saying!! 

They need very careful handling 




Makes 6-8 burgers

  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 2 Cloves Garlic, peeled and finely chopped
  • 250g chestnut mushroom, finely chopped
  • Bunch of Spring Onions, peeled and chopped into 1/2cm pieces
  • 400g can of Chickpeas, rinsed and drained well
  • Can of Sweetcorn, rinsed and drained well
  • 2 Teaspoons Curry Powder
  • Zest & juice of 1 Lime
  • 100g fresh wholemeal breadcrumb (just grate the bread)
  • Handful Chopped Corriander (optional)
  • 1 Free-Range Egg White
  • Salt and Black Pepper

Preparation Method

  1. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and add the garlic, mushrooms and spring onions, fry for 10 minutes on a high heat, string every now and then
  2. In a large bowl, mash the sweetcorn and the chickpeas with a potato masher! Put in some effort – remember those bingo wings!
  3. Add the fried mushrooms and spring onions to the chickpea and sweetcorn mix and mix
  4. Add the Chopped Coriander, lime juice and curry powder
  5. Next mix in the breadcrumbs and egg white – give it a good mix and season
  6. Take a good handful and squish it together and then form a patty – they tend to fall apart a bit – but just squish back together.
  7. Chill for 30 mintes
  8. Then fry in Olive oil in a large frying pan for approx. 10 minutes – 5 on each side. Now these are really fragile – try not to break them! Use a fish slice
  9. I served mine on top of  an avocado salad – drizzled in olive oil and lime juice