I travel a fair bit myself (not as much as I’d like to – but watch out world, in retirement I’m coming to get you) and I like to share with your my thoughts and highlights from my travels, no matter where it might be! It maybe somewhere in Europe or indeed any part of the world

So this new section is dedicated to EPLS Travels and here is where I blog my travels, the full details….. I don’t hold anything back.  So I guess this is  almost a Travel Blog, well an Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Travel blog at that!

I sometimes forget to blog all my travel trips but I’ll try and do more, promise. So let me know where you’re going in the world. If you have something to share with us about your travels around the globe, or some advise for different countries please get in touch! And maybe you can guest blog on here and share your travel stories!

So where’s your favourite holiday destination? Where in the world did you travel and not like? I’m so interested to hear

Happy Travelling and enjoy

Love Clare