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Bundle’s Marathon Journey Part 1

So our lovely Bundle is going to do something amazing this year. Have a read oh her Marathon Journey in her own words! 

 Please find a few quid in order for her to reach her massive target.

Thank you.

We’ll follow up half way through training and then just before and after Cx

Marathon Journey 6th October 2015 – Bun


I vividly remember 2013. It was the year I would finally turn 18 and I had just finished my first year of A levels and was very much looking forward to the second year.

I had booked to go away to New York for the first time and I was counting down the days till I went.

I was looking into universities and pondering over different courses and careers that excited me.

And my mum got diagnosed with cancer.

Suddenly, my future that I was so carefully trying to plan and map out was turned upside down.

Most upsettingly over the past two years both I and my younger brother have seen our mum in positions of such vulnerability and at times I have felt quite utterly hopeless with no idea what the next day could bring.

Did you know that chemotherapy isn’t always administered through a machine?

A nurse will sit there for hours and slowly inject the chemotherapy drug because it is so strong that a machine simply cannot be trusted to administer it that slow and a machine cannot quickly respond if a patient is in pain.

I do, because I watched my mum go through the process.

I also know the layout of the local hospital like my own home, exactly which hospitals offer what cancer treatment, how many hours are left in between each injection my mum has to self-administer.

But my 

I also know that right now my fridge at home has lots of medicine inside it, but a lot fewer than two years ago. My mum looks really cool with short hair and I’m trying, and failing, to persuade her not to grow it back.

I know that the only time we visit the hospital now is for check-ups and reviews. And I know that without Cancer Research UK, without their determination to find a cure for cancer, my mum might not have got the all clear.

I hate Running – Marathon Journey

I hate running, and I mean absolutely hate it.

Bundle gets bored incredibly easily and the idea of pounding the pavements for hours bores me.

However, I am very much up for a challenge and the London Marathon seems like a very good place to start for someone who despises running.

But why stop there?

I want to raise £2,000 for Cancer Research. I want more people to get the all clear like my mum.

Genuinely I mean it when I say every single pound donated helps to motivate me.

When I am running and I have destinys child blasting through my headphones. I think of everyone who has donated and the amazing work they are helping fund.

My mum ran the London Marathon just before she was diagnosed and I was so incredibly proud of her.

These past few years have been absolute torture. But they have allowed me to see how incredibly strong my mum is. And how lucky I am to have her and I truly am grateful for everything she does and for every day I get with her.

I want her to feel exactly the same way about me when I cross that finish line next year. Knowing I’ve raised money for such an incredible charity.

This is how it is 

I started training 2 weeks ago with a 1/2 mile run – I thought I was going to die!

Now I’m up to 2.5 miles and training 3 times a week!

Wish me luck on my Marathon Journey,  I have a long way to go and I’ll update in a few months

Bun X

I’m running a marathon!

Please visit my page www.justgiving.com/clflemingsmith


Joy Morgan says:
Hi Bun, You are as Strong as Your Dear MUM. For being there by her side. I know, and understand exactly what you are going through too. Our dear daughter had the same chemo. She has just had her last / 6th chemo. We have to stay as strong as the patient, who is receiving the red stuff. But it still hurts to see them hurting. I would love to make a donation to You for your RUN. You are doing so well, with your mileage. Plus being a very strong Daughter. Thinking of You and your Mum. XX
Clare x says:
Joy, that is such a wonderful comment and really helps to motivate me to succeed in what is an immense personal achievement. I am terribly sorry to hear about your daughter, but so glad she has battled through the chemotherapy. Once again, thank you. Yourself and your family are in my thoughts. Bundle x
Anonymous says:
I don't know you & I don't know your Mum, but I do know that You Mum your Dad & Clare should all be wey proud of you. We have all been touched by cancer in one way or another & we must do everything we can to suport the fight to eradicate this disease. I wish you all good health & good luck x
Bun says:
Whoever posted the most recent comment, thank you ever so much. I really am touched. The more people that are made aware of the amazing work cancer research do, the better. I feel so incredibly motivated! Thank you x
Cathie says:
Chelsea well.done girl.
Kathy Morfin says:
Great read Chelsea, so glad your mum is doing well - keep going, your determination will get you there! X❤️
Yvonne Bakers says:
What a lovely daughter you are to your mum, i havent seen her for years we worked together I am so pleased that she is now doing better and Iam sure will beat this awful disease and with all her families support I am sure she will.