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Blogging 9 months on…

Wow it’s been a roller coaster!

Blogging 9 months on… I’m not really sure where to start with this one – so much has happened. I was going to wait until I had been blogging officially on Easypeasylemonsqueezy for a year but things move so fast in the blogging arena, so many new things learnt and so much to say. Life as a part-time / hobby blogger is dynamic, fast and furious. So who knows what the next 3 months has to hold – so I thought I may as well do a 9M update.  (A bit like a 9M wait and here’s the baby – joy!)

Probably the best year in my life so far (WOW! quite a statement and only just realised this as I’m writing!). It’s certainly been the busiest! I’d had a rough couple of years with loss and ill health as we all do from time to time – that’s life I guess – before I started Easypeasylemonsqueezy. The fact is, if it wasn’t for the bad times of  those years I simply wouldn’t have a blog! BUT having my wonderful job as Director of LSIG,  blended and balanced perfectly with blogging  has made me realise this is what HAPPY is (quite a revelation – I’m sure we all have those what’s-it-all-about days!). This all happened very organically, blogging was never a plan, it just developed all on its own! It makes me feel very alive, it makes me excited again about what the future has to offer…. this can only be a good thing, surely! I share a good part of myself on-line – this is ok with me. There are, of course, things I keep private. Getting the balance right is important.

I have learnt that people are generally very kind and supportive,  I have met some lovely people, guests to my blog, readers, fellow bloggers, PR agencies, a few celebs and people that I now call TRUE friends – these are people I simply would not have met if it wasn’t for Easypeasylemonsqueezy and this, in my mind, is the PRICELESS part. I am so chuffed with how my blog has developed I could get a bit emotional! Thanks to you for all your support, without your comments & input it would be a lonely blogging life 🙂

I am lucky, so many exciting things over the last 9M. I would urge anyone who’s thinking about it to put yourself in new situations, to experience new things, take opportunities. I think sometimes we can get stuck in a routine, life feels safe, monotonous, simply very settled. It’s good to shake things up – it’s worked for me anyway! Don’t get me wrong, I have had bad days, frustrating days, in fact social media does my head in at times (I simply shut the Mac, bang! 😉 ) but for the majority of the time I love it! Don’t be fooled, the technical side of  blogs is tough, 12 months ago I would have said ‘don’t be daft of course I can’t operate the behind the scenes operation of a website’ but guess what – I can (with the help of the lovely Skyblue peeps)! I’m still learning. There are a lot of rules and regs in the blogging world, and Google is a fickle beast blah blah blah. I’m not totally there yet but I am learning. I confess, my biggest fault is proofing! It’s the damn autocorrect on the Mac – I don’t proof my copy enough. I’m too eager to get it out! Doh! But I don’t worry about it too much – I’m only human. 🙂

The interaction is constant and relentless, but also lovely – to see people bake and cook and show you their family eating one of your recipes is wonderful.  But for Easypeasylemonsqueezy, none of this is financially driven. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get a paid/sponsored post sometimes or be asked to review products. However, maybe I’m a bit different and maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about my baby blog. I don’t need to make a living from this and I write about what I care about. I guess for me blogging could be described as finding a voice. It is my hobby – I already have a job I love! But I also know there are some fabulous pro bloggers out there doing an amazing job!

I only write about what I want to, simple. This blog is mine, to do with what I like. It’s strange but I seem to immediately know what fits and what won’t fit the Easypeasylemonsqueezy brand – strange but true. Having attended a lot of blogging events and connecting with a lot of fellow bloggers,  you could say I’m a bit of an oldie (;-0) for this malarky, BUT I  actually see that as a real benefit! There are not that many 40-something bloggers in my arena and  those who are playing are really good! After all, at my age, I hopefully have a fair bit of life experience and have already made a lot of mistakes along the way.

So I say DO IT, if you fancy having a go at blogging or anything new, just go for it! And if I can help or advise then I would be happy to. The blogging community is very supportive and there’s always someone to assist!

Life has opened up in such a way. I seriously didn’t think I had time for anything else in my already hectic life. It just shows that you are NEVER too busy to do the things that you love. You can always make the time. The time for the things that make you truly happy are so important!

So I have met the lovely Nancy Britwhistle, the lovely Adam Henson, I have attended blogging events, I have had cookery lessons, I have developed 103 new recipes, I have loads of cocktail recipes from the beautiful Jane. I have even stepped out into lifestyle posts. Day-to-day stuff, hopefully stuff that affects us all?

I am a finalist in 2 blogging events – The Essex Digital Awards and The UK National Blog Awards 2016 – I am thrilled, totally shocked and very happy to be a finalist. I get to spend the night dressed up, eating & drinking with two very important people celebrating EPLS love! I can’t wait.

Who knew? I’m not special, I am not super talented, I’m just a normal bird – trying VERY hard to make a lovely exciting life and now I feel I’m winning! One thing for sure is I never take myself too seriously, I have insecurities like everyone else, I’m just trying to’ let it go’ *sings*, accept who I am and stop being self-critical.

Let’s face it, you only get one shot at it so why not give it your all! So please keep following and commenting. Who knows what’s in store good or bad. One thing’s for sure, I’ll try to keep laughing, what’s the alternative?

I’ll let you know how the next 3M go.

Big Love Cx


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Kathy Morfin says:
Congratulations on your first 9 months - very proud of you, you have done brilliantly
Kathy Morfin says:
Xxxxx ❤️
EmilyJayne Weight Watchers says:
Congratulations on 9 months of blogging. You should be so proud of your achievements. I for one ❤️ Love your blog, and think your healthy range of recipes really are fabulous. Not only are they healthy, home cooked recipes but they are for all the family too.. So it's win win we get to enjoy great food and be healthier too.. Well done Clare
Victoria (Lylia Rose) says:
So pleased you are enjoying your journey. I accidently started a lifestyle blog 3 years ago and it's now my favourite hobby! Best of luck with the future x
    Clare x says:
    Thanks - I also love doing it x
Sarah James says:
What a fab post Clare. I love your comment about social media, I thought I was the only one who felt like that?
    Clare x says:
    no you're not alone Sarah!!! :-) and thanks for your comment Cx
Sarah James says:
Oops, hit the submit button by accident! Congratulations on 9 months of blogging & winning the award Clare, you must be so proud xx
Jane says:
Tip top read Hun ❤️??