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Ekkk Back to School….. from the other side

So here we are again. Three days to go until ‘Back to School’. New uniform has been purchased, haircuts done, highlighters in every shade and butterflies in my stomach.

This year for the first time there are no Literacy plans to finalise or seat plans to run through. No trays to label or walls to back as I go back to school not as a class teacher but as Acting Head until Christmas. From the 2nd September my class will be 30 members of staff. Unique individuals with particular strengths and characters (much like a class.)

Excitement, trepidation, fear could all describe how I feel at the moment but excitement is definitely the most prominent.

What is going to happen this year? Whose  child will succeed in something when they have only previously failed? Which Leaning Support Assistant will discover a passion or hidden talent?  Which teacher will require support, guidance or advice? The possibilities are endless .So although I want to go back all guns blazing ready to change the world, I will try to appear swan like. Floating gracefully upon the water while my legs paddle furiously unseen below the water.

These children only have one shot in Foundation, year 1, year 2 etc and I want to, with their parents, teachers and us, ensure it is the best shot.
Hold on tight its going to be a rocky ride.


Ann Fleming says:
Do not worry you will be brilliant ! x x x
Emma Fleming says:
Very wise words from an amazing lady. Love this so much I feel your nerves
Jacqui says:
Great post! I need some advice on senior schools, as my eldest will soon be there and its a minefield!