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4 Months in….. My Blogging Diary!

It’s been 4 months since I started this  blogging malarky and boy have I learnt a lot!!! I’ve also decided that it’s quite nice to continue to learn new things in your 40’s,  if not a little frustrating at times.

Blogging is a very popular thing to do it would seem. I fell into it accidentally by posting a recipe a week for a year in 2014 as a personal tribute to a very special chap. I was ‘blogging’ via FaceBook before I actually knew what blogging meant.

So how has life changed and what have I learnt?

1. Well I have learnt that the power of Social Media is incredible, it’s instant and fast paced and it’s a bit scary! I think we all need to understand at least a little about social media if we are to watch our kids and understand how they are using social media. Currently I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest (arg this one has driven me crazy this last week, but I’m getting there – and the blog helps me manage these platforms). I have decided that I can’t face google+ and the others at the moment.

2. To my surprise I have learnt that I LOVE to write and I don’t just mean recipes. This is quite a surprise….

3. I look at my website and I can’t quite believe it’s mine (Thank you www.skybluecreations.com – who took my ideas and vision and got it to screen) I wanted a site that was fun and magazine like – lots of blogs I’ve seen are very clean and professional – I didn’t want this – I wanted Loveable Food, Lifestyle, Laughs and Lemons and I think I got it. My biggest concern is that I don’t want people ever to think we take ourselves too seriously – we don’t and if we ever do – that’s when I’ll stop!

4. To be a blogger you have to give away some of your life, let people see what you are up too and share your experiences. However, I have learnt that you have to keep a little bit back for yourself. I think you have to be a certain sort of person to share so much of yourself on line – it’s not for everyone – but I’m ok with it!

5. People want to help, people are kind! Yes really – my EPLS peeps are so engaged it’s ace to see the pics.  I’m not sure why entirely, but seeing pics and hearing stories of who made what etc etc thrills me, strange isn’t it. I hope that the many people using the book are loving it and I hope one day when none of us are around, that someone dusts it down and makes an old fashioned recipe from it in 2000!

6. I’ve met lots of new people whether they be local, not local, celebs, PR companies whoever.  it’s great to think I now have these new people in my life, before easypeasylemonsqueezy our paths would never have crossed! A special mention here to Tracey & Freya – 2 special mermaids <3

7. I was able to go on GBBO Extraslice with my best friend the Cocktail Queen and then do a campaign with Nancy from GBBO 2014  on Food Waste! Who knew I would be doing these things? It really is great.

8. After going to a couple of blogging events it seems that on the blogosphere I’m an oldie!! But  how can these 20 year olds know how to run a family? What it’s like to have wrinkles etc. In fact I think being an ‘old’ blogger brings some advantages 🙂

9. So the next 4 months – I wonder what will happen. I have products to review and the odd blogging event – I’ll keep you posted – it’s exciting.

What else?

I have also learnt that to be a blogger you have to LOVE it, your readers have to want to keep reading. Sometimes it’s hard – if I’m travelling with my ‘real’ work or just tired it’s hard to be inspired! But things, subjects, recipes keep popping in my brain – so long may it last (please 🙂 )  I also have tremendous support from friends and family (thanks) and everyone keeps helping me, especially my dearest partner in crime – the cocktail queen!

And if you were to ask ‘He-Who-doesn’t-cook’ about the last 4 months – he would say he’s eaten great great food (if not cold at times, I have to take photos) – but I have square eyes from sitting in front of my laptop every night and sometimes I go a bit crazy with social media! This I must remember!!! and sometimes I must disengage with this on-line life.

To the next 4 months – see you on the other side …..



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Kathy Morfin says:
Really loving your blog, the recipes & interesting articles - so proud of you & glad you are enjoying it, xx
    Clare x says:
    oh thanks lovely - I really hope people are enjoying it!! and thanks for your input sweetheart xxx
Victori says:
Congrats on 4 months
Laura Evelyn Bee says:
Congratulations on your 4 month blogging birthday! Here's to many, many more! #brilliantblogposts
    Clare x says:
    Thanks Laura! x
Emma T says:
Good luck with taking time away from the screen. Once you're 'in' blogging, it's really hard to get out! #brilliantblogposts
    Clare x says:
    I'll try but its so addictive x
Debbie says:
Hi Clare, this blogging malarky can be a bit addictive! And I'm with you on the social media; it's great. but takes some getting used to. I battle with FaceBook and Pinterest, but quite enjoy Google+. It nice that you have the support of your friends and family (mine think I'm bonkers!). I am sure your blog will continue to grow and you'll continue to enjoy it. xx
    Clare x says:
    Thanks Debbie - I'm sure mine think I'm bonkers too :-) I haven't done anything on Google+ ?? just getting to grips with Pinterest - FB is where my blog started really so I'm ok with that. I'll hop over and find you on Pinterest - Thanks for your comments Cx