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GIVEAWAY Ape Snacks Crispy Coconut Curls

GIVEAWAY Ape Snacks Crispy Coconut Curls


So did you catch my post about the wonderful benefits of eating coconut? If you did you will know I was very impressed with these Crunchy Coconut Curls from the wonderful people at Ape Snacks! You can read all about the guys at Ape and the products Here


And now they have offered the chance for 5 lucky winners to win a case of 10 packets each! So what’s stopping you? Just enter below, go on do it!

APE SNACKS logo-01

So how do you enter?

All you have to do is answer the question – “Do you snack on coconut?” and

  • Leave a comment answering the question in the comments section below this blog post.
  • Then ONCE  you’ve commented, log in to the Rafflecopter widget below using your email address or Facebook and click on the box to say “I commented.”


(You HAVE to do the Rafflecopter bit else your comment won’t be registered and thus won’t count! So make sure you do ) If you like you can have a second entry by following me on Twitter – but that’s up to you and not mandatory!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T & C’s – The boring stuff! 

  • The prizes can be delivered to mainland UK only  – sorry!
  • Draw Closes Midnight 31st May 2016
  • The winners will be notified by email within 24 hours of the closing date
  • The winners will have 28 days to claim their prize otherwise an alternative winner will be selected.
  • Coconut Curls will be sent directly from the supplier to each winner
  • Open to 18+


****AND THE WINNERS ARE 31/05/2016 

  • Katie Witherington
  • Barbara Knight 
  • Joy Morgan 
  • Christine Frankland 
  • Andrea Woodward 



Karen willies says:
These sound great to take out on the course to nibble during a round of golf
melanie stirling says:
Yes I would,I love coconut.
Jo B says:
Ooh, interesting! I've never tried these before, but I made coconut bacon before for a snack, and it was lovely!
    Clare x says:
    Coconut bacon? please tell me more :-)
Jane Mc says:
Yep, I would and do. Especially after reading all the benefits
Emma James says:
Yes I do and these look yummy!
PB says:
No but I would like to try!
julie kenny says:
I love coconut - these sound delicious - thanks for the chance to win x
Jacqui says:
No, but its better than snacking on a packet of crisps!
Andrea Woodward says:
yes I love anything with coconut
Sara Lane says:
Sounds good - I like coconut but too inconvenient to eat regularly. This might be the answer!
victoria says:
yes I would!
Christine Frankland says:
I would love to try these! Coconut is so lovely and I love the smell too! I use coconut oil for everything!
Jean tutthill says:
I definitely would they look gorgeous
Steven Bufton says:
I love coconut and would snack on it but I do prefer it as part of a snack rather than raw.
Heather Haigh says:
I love coconut and would happily snack on it.
Kelly Glen says:
No I don't at the moment but these sound delicious
Leanne Newsome says:
Yes I would I snack on coconut chunks at the minute
Lisa Johnston says:
Always on the look out for new snacks to try & these healthy coconut treats sound just the ticket!
debbie smith says:
yummy i would definitely snack on these they look delicious ! x
Helen Thurston says:
ooh yes - love coconut - usually get the coconut chunks although they don't keep for long.
EmilyJayne Weight Watchers says:
I snack on coconut sometimes. Usually summertime ☀️ Love coconut
Emily Knight says:
Definitely - healthier than some of the other things I snack on!
Valerie Brown says:
yes I would love to try it - love nuts and love anything with coconut
Kat Alison says:
I sometimes snack on fresh coconut and love to cook with coconut oil. Don't really like crisps so this might be a tasty alternative!
Liane Amos says:
Looks delicious
Simon tutthill says:
Love these definitely would
Laura Jeffs says:
Absolutely YES!! Coconut is one of my favourite things on eath ;-)
Elaine Savage says:
yes I love coconut in its many forms
Tracey Peach says:
Yes I would snack on Coconut, I love the taste of coconut :)
amy bondoc says:
yes i adore coconut !!
laura banks says:
these would be great to snack on at brew break at work
Angie Hoggett says:
yes I would it sounds lovely
Terri Collins says:
I don't snack on coconut usually but would love to try these :)
Kathleen Beaty says:
Would love to win
Yes i love coconut tastes amazing
Zoe C says:
I think I would, I want to try it and like cocount, so yes!
Barbara Knight says:
I love coconut in any form, so these sound great.
Valerie Feltham says:
Yes would love to try these, I'm looking for healthy snacks that contain Calcium. Love all things Coconut.
claire blaney says:
yes i would i actually love dried coconut
Emilie Williams says:
I definitely would - I am a coconut fiend!
olivia Kirby says:
Not often but I love coconut anything!
tasha says:
No, but its better than snacking on a packet of crisps!
Carol judge says:
I love coconut but hate all the hassle these would be my ideal nibble
sam macaree says:
i would like to try
Victoria N says:
I love coconut flavouring so would love to try this!
Stephanie Tsang says:
Yes I would! I love coconuts.
Diana Shepherd says:
Of course id snack on Coconut, not only does it taste delicious but the health benefits in coconut are amazing!
mark bradbury says:
I would love to win.
K Ashley says:
Absolutely love coconut!
Holly Gibson says:
Yes, they look delicious and I love the flavour of coconut! I bet you could add them to things as well!
gemma brown says:
yes i would as it's healthy and tasty
Catherine Whetton says:
I'd love to try these! I'm up for trying everything!!!
Jo Carroll says:
I really love coconut and already recognise the fab nutitional properties they provide. I would love to try out the curls. x
kim plant says:
yes sounds lovely x
Sue says:
Sounds interesting :-)
Sharon says:
Yes, it's sound yummy! I use coconut oil for cooking and it makes a huge difference in flavour x
Janice Mackin says:
Yes, I love coconut.
Solange says:
Yes. I love coconut.
Anthony G says:
Most definitely! Memories of the Caribbean with added health benefits :)
Val Swift says:
Sounds great, would love to try these
Carole says:
Yes definitely
Kirsten Barthy says:
I love coconut so definitely yes
Naz M says:
Yes, I love coconuts! I love both fresh and dried coconut.
emma franklin says:
I am addicted to everything coconut - oil, sugar milk but am yet to try these they sound like the perfect snack - so its a yes from me!
Helen W says:
Yes I would!
Melissa Red says:
Yes I would snack on Coconut.
Lisa Wilkinson says:
Yes I love coconut
Sarah Wilson says:
Yes, definitely!
Jodie Harvey says:
i love coconut so yes! i would
Emily Hutchinson says:
Yes definitely, I love coconut!
Krzysia says:
I love coconut. The good thing about it is that little bits of it stay in your mouth for a while!
Rich Tyler says:
Yes - I love all things coconuttyyyyyy!
Patricia Avery says:
I love both the taste and smell of coconut in any shape or form :)
Carole Paton says:
I loooove coconut and would take any opportunity to eat it, drink it or snack on it.
Karen R says:
I do snack on coconut sometimes, but I don't see that many coconut snacks when I'm out food shopping
Jade Hewlett says:
Yes, I'd love to try it
Yes definitely! Much healthier than crisps etc!
Louise Allen says:
Absolutely - I love it!
Kelly Jones says:
I would definitely snack on coconut :)
Kate Knight says:
Yes I love coconut
Cathy O says:
I would very much like to try these coconut snacks out!
Lisa Hall says:
Yes, I love coconut
Nora says:
I love the taste of coconut so yes I would snack on coconut.
ellie spider says:
I'd deffo snack on them :) they sound delicious
Theresa M says:
Actually I do snack on coconut, I drink the juice then cut a quarter of the shell off, then eat the inside as snacks and use the empty shell to fill up with left over breadcrumbs and left over fat from frying to hang out for the birds to eat from. Feel free to ask for step by step pics if you want to try it yourself :0) Snacking on Coconut curls would be twice the taste without all the work!
Samantha Wheeler says:
I'd give it a go - but my husband definitely would!
Andrea A says:
Yes I'd snack on coconut, these look and sound delicious.
George Wright says:
I'd snack on coconut, it's tasty!
Diana says:
of course I would. Love coconut. Never heard about these before! Would love to try :)
Sarah Lewis says:
I would like to try!
Louise says:
I love snacking on coconut. These look scrumptious X
Alisa Moore says:
Definitely, I love it
Jamie Millard says:
i'm not averse to it - i'd definitely give it a go.
Nicole S. says:
I sure would, looks so nice!
Justin Lewis says:
Yes, definitely!! Would love to try them
    Clare x says:
    Sorry Justin this comp is finished Cx