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Get over the greens A.K.A The Morning After

Get over the greens A.K.A The Morning After

So have you been overdoing it? Do you need something green and nutritious? That also tastes good? Then look no further Get over the greens A.K.A The Morning After A Green smoothie / juice that is good to drink, totally palatable and so healthy & nutritious – easy peasy! And no dairy so no creamy nonsense!

Go on – give it a go! You’ll love it



  • A cup of spinach leaves – stuff them into a mug
  • A cup of Apple juice straight from fridge so nice and cold – I use Copella
  • 2 sticks of celery, sliced into chunks and no leaves on them
  • Juice from 1 Lime

Preparation Method

  1. Put the spinach and apple juice in blender and whizz till it’s all chopped up really well
  2. Add celery and whizz again till it’s all disappeared
  3. Add the lime juice and give it a final blitz
  4. Get a martini glass, ice and slice of lime and POUR AND DRINK (If you don’t like the bits then just pour through a sieve)
  5. Amazingly it’s delicious, strange to fathom but true. If you want more ZING just add some grated ginger into the blender / Nutribullet