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Cherry Madeira

Cherry Madeira


Cherry Madeira a perfect delicious moist Madeira – lovely! It’s so quick and easy – why not have a go?  It is one of the most popular recipes on the blog, it’s such a classic and so simple – I love it! A real teatime treat – that’s if you can wait until teatime!

So why is it called a Madeira Cake – well according to Wikapedia – it is a rich sponge cake that, contrary to its name, does not include Madeira, nor did it originate from the Madeira Islands. Historically, it was a popular cake to serve alongside glasses of the fortified wine in the 19th century in England.

And if you do decide to have a go at my Cherry Madeira recipe then please drop me a note below the recipe, I love to hear your comments

Thanks Cx

You lovely peeps have started to ask me about kitchen kit. Well you need to know I use the below stand mixer! It’s quite an investment HOWEVER I love it and I know I will have it for life. I see it as my essential piece of kit. I also have lots of the attachments which I can talk about soon in another post Especially the pasta attachment ! Personally I believe this is the best stand mixer on the planet – but that’s just my view!


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  • 175g Butter, at room temp
  • 175g Caster sugar
  • 3 large Eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 220g Self Raising Flour
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 150g glacé Cherries

Preparation Method

Double the mix for 2 – one will never be enough…..

  1. Pre-Heat the oven to Gas 5 / 190C
  2. Grease and line a 2lb / 900g loaf tin – I use those loaf liners they are fantastic
  3. WASH your Glace Cherries under the tap, dry and then roll lightly in self raising flour – you don’t want sinking cherries!
  4. Cream your butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  5. Add one egg at a time beating well, don’t worry if it curdles a little just keep mixing and add a tablespoon of the flour. Then add the Vanilla extract!
  6. Then add the baking powder and flour, mix well
  7. Finally tip in the flour rolled cherries – mix through
  8. Pop mix into tin, smooth top and bake on the middle shelf for approx. 1 hour – watch the top make sure it doesn’t burn – if it browns too quickly pop a piece of foil loosely over then top
  9. Test with a skewer – if it comes out clean its baked
  10. Remove from oven and cool on a wire rack! Then enjoy with a cuppa!


Margaret Lothian says:
Absolutely in love with this cake and my friends keep asking me to make it. Problem is when I printed the recipe I can't read it because of the black background. Could you please put the recipe on a light colored background ? I would really appreciate it.
    Clare x says:
    Hi Margaret - I look into it! Glad you love the recipe Cx
Paula J says:
Great for a last minute bake! So simple and easy with a flavour everyone will be happy with. Cherries give a lovely moistness when eaten too :) Must try again soon as my cherries sank! Mum reckons I didn't leave enough flour on them....xx
    Clare x says:
    Wash them- flour them lovely X Glad you loved it
Nicole says:
The recipe is not readable when printed out because of the black background. Such a shame.
    Clare x says:
    Hi Nicole if you use the "Print Me' button all the colour had been stripped out so it's perfect for printing Cx
Anonymous says:
Can you make this plain without cherries and can you add anthing else
    Clare x says:
    Yes of course you can - no problem - add some orange zest - lovely Orange Madera Cx
Seb says:
Great recipe and tastes very good indeed. I might try it as muffin cakes. My cherries did sink though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Clare x says:
    Did you wash and roll? and made sure your batter wasn't too loose? :-(
Seb says:
Hi Clare, I did wash and roll but maybe my cake batter was a bit slack. I love cherry cake so I will have another try.
Karen says:
Probably the best cake recipe I've ever used! Delicious! Cooked through perfectly, really chuffed!
Teresa O'Keeffe says:
Hav just tried your cherry cake and it is so easy and delicious
Collina says:
Made this cake . It was awesome. Perfect...brought back so many memories. Thank you
Charles sinclair says:
Nice cake and flavour but cherries sank.
Denise says:
Put a few cherries to one side and when the mixture is in the tin put them on the top just before it goes in the oven.
Ebba says:
I was wondering how long in the oven it I were to make these as individual cupcake sized cakes? Planning on making jam filled snowball (covered in coconut)cakes with them.
    Clare x says:
    Sound amazing - I would say 20 minutes and keep checking! I'd love to hear how you get on Cx
Wendy Coleman says:
I removed syrup from cherries with paper towel, and halved them....no sinking. I imagine washing them may allow water to "hide inside" and cause the to sink.
Sally says:
Made this Thursday. Making it again as so good.
    Clare x says:
    Great to hear!!
Bev says:
I have made this with cherries & also with choc chips both go well & lovely
Melanie Morris says:
Lovely cake, made it twice and both times the cherries sank! First time I used whole cherries, washed dried rolled in flour and added whilst still in the mixer. Second time I cut them in half but added them by hand and saved a third to add when in the tin, they still sank!! Still delicious but would be nice to have cherries in the whole cake not just a layer in the bottom.
    Clare x says:
    Oh no Melanie - maybe a little thicker mix? x
John says:
Made this cake yesterday, it was a hit with my wife and I. When I made it I added the cherries and then used an electric mixer which resulted in them being macerated. Next time I will mix the cherries in by hand. Thank you for an excellent recipe that even a rookie baker like me could follow.
    Clare x says:
    Thanks John - great to here Cx
John E says:
Made this cake yesterday; hailed as a success by my wife. When I added the cherries I used an electric mixer: mistake, since they were macerated! Next time I will use my hands so that the cherries will remain whole. Thank you for a recipe that allows even a rookie baker to bake a successful cake.
April says:
Supper cherry cake, we like a few more cherries in our cake so added extra 100 grms
Anonymous says:
I am just making but added choc chips as well as cherries as love them both
Jacquie Reeve says:
Made this a week ago for ourselves and doubles the mixture. It is truly heavenly so moist. Now making another one for our local coffee morning where locals drop in for a cuppa and a slice of cake, fingers crossed they will love it too.
    Clare x says:
    Oh love this! It is a lovely cake - so glad you enjoyed! Hopefully your locals will love it too Cx
Pam says:
These are easy to make and delicious!
Anonymous says:
Cherry cake
Eileen says:
Vanda Baker says:
Is this cake okay to freeze please ?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Vanda I haven't tried freezing to but i don't see why not? Let me know if you do Thanks Cx
robert westwood says:
used fresh cherries...stoned..(the cherries..not me!) .... and absolutely wonderful ... great recipe..
    Clare x says:
    That really made me laugh!! I think you win the best ever quote on my blog! Glad you liked the recipe Cx
Sharon Whitehorn says:
Hi, how many days will this cake stay fresh after baking..??
    Clare x says:
    Have never tested - only ever lasts 2 days in our house! Wrapped in foil possibly 4 days? You need to give it a try - Thanks Clare